QA Cyber Practice offers the broadest and deepest end-to-end curriculum, aligned to National Cyber Strategy, to strengthen the cyber ecosystem by enhancing and expanding cyber skills at every level.

What we do,

The QA cyber practice has an extensive capability providing solutions and services for our clients beyond the traditional training course.

  • Best practice cyber learning pathways
  • Workforce competency assessments
  • Bespoke learning solutions (courses and programmes)
  • Cyber skills assessment & gap analysis
  • Tailored cyber learning pathways for organisations and teams
  • Approved skills frameworks, including DoD 8570 & DoD 8140
  • Multiple gamified learning platforms for simulations and experiential learning
  • Regional & national cyber competitions
  • Cyber skills Meetups, delivering insights
  • Award Winning cyber programmes
  • Extensive 60+ cyber partner learning eco-system
  • National & international public schedule
  • Free community resources

Cyber Security Courses

We build and deliver more cyber programmes than any other provider. We have more than 25 specialist cyber instructors who, across a range of national programmes, have educated 25,000+ students in the last four years.

Through the QA cyber security portfolio, cyber security professionals can verify their cyber knowledge and skills and also fulfil their skills requirements for global directives such as, SFIAECSFUK GSPNIST NICE, and the DoD 8570 and DoD8140.

QA helps deliver Cyber Security programmes for a range of the biggest organisations across the private and public sector, including AtosMinistry of JusticeMinistry of DefenceWomen in Cyber Programme, National Cybercrime programme,  MS Azure Cyber Security Programme and a global Secure Engineering Programme.

Learning Paths

Cyber Security learning paths

Want to boost your career in cyber security? Click on the roles below to see QA's learning pathways, specially designed to give you the skills to succeed.

Required Star = Required
Certification = Certification
AI Security & Governance
Application Security
Cyber Blue Team
Cloud Security
DFIR Digital Forensics & Incident Response
Industrial Controls & OT Security
Information Security Management
NIST Pathway
Privacy Professional
Reverse Engineer
Secure Coding
Security Architect
Security Auditor
Security Risk
Security Tech Generalist
Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing


Gamified Learning

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Department of Defense ( DoD ) Directive 8570 / 8140

Department of Defense ( DoD ) Directive 8570 / 8140 requires every full and part-time military service member, defense contractor and civilian employee with privileged access to US Department of Defense information systems (IS) to obtain industry certification credentials that have been accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

DoD Information Assurance and Cybersecurity Personnel must be fully trained and be certified with baseline certification for their job category and level to perform their duties. The training, certification and workforce management requirements of Directive 8570 / 8140 applies to all members of the DoD IA and Cybersecurity Personnel workforces including military, civilians, local nationals, non-appropriated fund (NAF) personnel, and contractors. The requirements apply whether the duties are performed full-time, part-time, or as embedded duty.

An individual needs to obtain only one of the “approved certifications” for his or her category or specialty and level to meet the minimum requirement. QA approved Department of Defense ( DoD ) courses include;


Cyber Security apprenticeship & degree programmes

Our cyber apprenticeship programmes are arming UK organisations with the defenders of the future.

“Being the first female cyber security apprenticeship achiever in the UK is exciting because I'm hoping that, with this result, I can help to inspire more women into a career in tech. I want them to know that you don't always need a strong technical background before starting your career, or have a particular 'personality type' to fit into the industry.”

Stephanie Haynes, UK's first female cyber apprentice