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Armed Forces personnel are entitled to ELC funding for resettlement training. 

Pricing available by emailing:

Or via ELCAS | Provider Details | QA Limited (



QA’s Resettlement Team are here to support you through your resettlement journey –  from providing practical and current advice on which careers and qualifications are in demand to helping you apply for the ELC credits and supporting you throughout your training. Once you have completed resettlement, we will continue to support and advise you on the next steps, and keep your qualifications relevant and in demand by employers.

QA has over 25 years' experience of working across the MOD, Central Government and the FTSE 250, which enables us to offer you sound, experiential advice on your training pathway.

We signed the Armed Forces Covenant in 2017 and pledged to support service leavers, military spouses, veterans, reservists, cadets and adult cadet volunteers with training and career opportunities to help bridge the UK’s digital skills gap.

We are also Gold award holders in the Defence Employers Recognition Scheme (DERS)”.

We are proud to work closely with Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and would advise that if you are within your resettlement window, you begin by contacting your CTP Career Consultant. For any courses not offered by CTP you can contact us on the following telephone number or via the contact form on this page.

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I know what training I want

If you already know which courses you want to attend, then speak to our Resettlement Team who will arrange training dates, locations and delivery mode to suit you and help you process your ELC claim.

I'm unsure of which training to do

Speak to our Resettlement Team who will work with you to understand your skills set and your career aspirations and to build your bespoke ELC training pathway to ensure you get the very best value for each of your ELC claims.

I want to maximise my funding

QA offers customised course pathways that not only ensure you maximise your ELC funding, but also that the courses and qualifications you receive at the end of your training are right for you and your career journey.

Would you like to speak to someone at QA who has undertaken resettlement training and settled into their new career? QA is a proud supporter of the Armed Forces Covenant and employs many ex-service leavers who are happy to share their experience and advice with you. Speak to the Resettlement Team to arrange a chat.

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Available courses

QA's ELCAS training courses

Our approved ELCAS course list includes project and programme management, cyber security, and ITIL service management courses. We keep adding new courses and qualifications to our ELC-approved course portfolio to keep your skills fresh and attractive to the industry. Browse our courses below.

Cyber Security

Project Management

Service Management (ITIL)

Where do ELC-approved courses run?

We train thousands of people all over the country. Discover where your nearest QA training centre is Here or join us for a virtual course delivery and remove all T and S costs to give you great flexibility. 


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Course Resettlement Pathways


"Having been keen to break into the Cyber Security industry as a change of career direction, my research led me to the NIST Cyber Security Professional (NCSP) Programme. The Foundation course is a great entry level introduction to this framework and has already landed me my first contract. As a service leaver looking to secure my civilian future in cyber, this course was exactly what I was looking for. A great introduction to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework and I am already planning to book the Practitioner level course."

AB, Royal Air Force Service Leaver and IT Business Analyst in the Financial Sector

"Having recently completed the NIST Cyber Security Professional (NCSP®) Foundation course, I found it informative, well-structured and easy to follow. The course has given me a great understanding of how the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) can be applied and how its core elements work. The course set me really well for the APMG exam and I achieved the required score without any real issues or gaps in my knowledge and I put this down to the on line learning that was supported with comprehensive study documents and lessons plans. I would highly recommend both the course and the learning provider who gave me support throughout, answering many questions on my next steps. I’m now looking to complete the NCSP® Practitioners Course in the coming weeks!"

JO, UK Marine and Project Manager

"After recently completing the online NIST Cyber Security Professional (NCSP®) Foundation Certificate and being welcomed into the online mentoring community, I would like to provide the fantastic feedback that this course deserves. The program was carefully designed and allowed me to progress at a speed that suited me as it was self-paced, this suited myself as a learner, allowing me to plan my study around work and family commitments. I found that all Chapters where well-presented and easy to understand and provided a solid foundation for understanding Cyber Risk, the NIST Cyber Security Framework alongside the core functions and Implementation Tiers. I now have a firm grasp of what I learnt and look forward to sitting the exam and progressing onto the next qualification as a NCSP® Practitioner. I have certainly benefited from completing this programme. When you have tangible end results after taking a course, I can conclude this was a great one!"

NM, ex-Royal Signals, now Senior Cyber Security Analyst working in Retail

For more information on the training available, please contact QA's Resettlement Team to arrange a chat.

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How to claim

Understanding ELCs and SLCs and how to claim

Funding options can seem complex and daunting and so we’ve put together this easy-to-use guide for you.

ELCAS has also produced a simple process map to show the claim process.

Download ELCAS claim form


ELC (Enhanced Learning Credits)

The Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELC) is an initiative to promote lifelong learning among members of the Armed Forces. This means it can be used both during your time in the forces and also for up to 10 years after leaving.

1. Lower Tier

Provides funding for up to a maximum of 3 awards of up to £1,000 per financial year. You must have completed either 4+ years of qualifying service before 1 April 2017, or otherwise 6+ years of qualifying service on or after 1 April 2017.

2. Aggregated Lower

Funding provides a single award of up to £3,000 for service personnel who have completed 6+ years of qualifying service on or after 1 April 2016. May not be taken if a Lower Tier claim has already been accessed or for those who qualify for the Upper Tier.

3. Upper Tier

Awards provide funding for up to a maximum of 3 awards of up to £2,000 per financial year. Service personnel and service leavers must have completed 8+ years of qualifying service.

In addition: only one ELC claim can be made per financial year and the entire claim must be with one provider.

Courses must be National Qualifications Framework (NQF) Level 3 or above for both lower and higher tier claimants in order to receive funding.

Time to claim:

Service leavers with an exit date between 1 April 2011 and 31 March 2016 can use ELC funding for a course running up to 10 years after their discharge date. Service leavers with an exit date after 1 April 2016 can use ELC funding for a course running up to 5 years after their exit date.

How to claim?

For full details of how to claim, go to the ELCAS website:


Standard Learning Credits (SLCs)

SLCs (£175)

Target audience: UK service personnel, regulars and reservists

To qualify for SLC funding, the course of study must lead to a nationally recognised qualification, have substantial developmental value and directly benefit the Service, unless the activity is being undertaken as preparation for resettlement.

Those claiming support under the Enhanced Learning Credit scheme may not also claim SLCs simultaneously. Consequently, SLC may not be used to fund an exam for a course of study which has been supported by ELC funding.

IRTC (Individual Resettlement Training Costs)

People serving who intend to leave within 2 years are entitled to an IRTC grant of £534. This can be used in conjunction with an ELC to fund training costs. When using IRTC with ELC during resettlement, the individual may use the IRTC element to pay for, in part or in full, the 20% minimum personal contribution required.


For more information on ELCs, SLCs and how to claim, please contact QA's Resettlement Team.

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Need to know

Frequently asked questions

I want to combine multiple courses on one claim, what can I do?

Contact QA’s Resettlement Team on 020 7444 0867 and we will provide you with advice on which courses suit your new career requirements, and build you a bespoke training pathway.

What happens if I need to cancel or change the date of my course?

Please contact us and we offer a wide range of dates and locations, as well as live instructor-led online training, so will try to accommodate moving course dates where possible.

Date of Cancellation/Rescheduling

Cancellation Fee Payable

Rescheduling Fee Payable

15 to 11 clear working days prior to the start of the course



10 to 6 clear working days prior to the start of the course



Fewer than 6 working days prior to the start of the course



How do I apply for my Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC)?

Contact your education or learning centre staff and they will explain the procedure and complete your ELCAS Claim Form ready for approval.

Who do I give my application to once completed?

Please speak to your resettlement advisor or learning centre contact.

Who should I contact if I have left the services?

Claimants no longer in service will need to get in touch with their Single Service Representative in place of the education or learning centre. These details are as follows:

Royal Navy


Royal Air Force

ELC Manager NTE (ER2)
Floor 3
Mailpoint 3.3
Leach Building
Whale Island
HMS Excellent


Tel: 02392 625954

Learning Credit Scheme (LCS) Manager
Education Branch Zone 4, Floor 2, Army Personnel Services Group, Home Command
Ramillies Building, Army HQ
Monxton Road, Andover
SP11 8HJ



Learning Credits Administrator
Accreditation and Education Wing
HQ 22 Gp
Room 221B
Trenchard Hall
RAF College Cranwell
NG34 8HB


Skype: 03001649643

When does QA need the delegate contribution and the Claim Authorisation Notes form (CAN)?

QA must receive the CAN form and the delegate contribution  before the start of the course. 

How do I pay my delegate contribution?

Payments can be made by debit/credit card or you can pay by cheque made payable to QA Ltd and sent to:

QA Ltd, International House, 1 St Katharine’s Way, London, E1W 1UN

When will I receive any pre-course reading?

Most courses now have online pre-course materials through MyQA Learn portal. Login details will be emailed to you on completion of your booking. Some courses will also send you a hard copy of course materials 3 to 4 weeks prior to the start of the course.

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