What is change management?

Business change is not just about building things and rolling them out. It also involves engaging with stakeholders and ensuring the right change is delivered at the right time, in the right way.

Change management ensures that the new products and processes you introduce into your organisation “stick” by engaging with stakeholders, understanding the work needed after delivery, and reporting on success.

Change that needs to be managed includes anything from a discrete change project to moving from project to product management, to embracing agility and customer centricity through design thinking and service blue printing, to leading change through behaviours to help manage the emotions.

The benefits of change management training

Just some of the many positives are listed below; considering which are relevant to your organisation will help you work out what type of training is best suited to your needs.

  • more productive involvement of employees and stakeholders
  • balancing the need for faster change versus more involvement
  • emerging technological drivers of change
  • improved product management through agility
  • more use of data to help steer change
  • change culture where behaviours are supportive of change and failure is possible through MVPs
  • improved measurement of success and benefits.

Why train with QA?

Agile, behavioural, emerging technology and project management approaches that learn from and respect each other.

Certificated courses working with professional associations such as AMPG international and IC Agile, as well as short courses.

Our training emphasises how ideas work in your business environment, ensuring rapid transfer of learning into the workplace.

Change through Project Management

Our Project Management courses relevant to change management

Leading change through behaviours

Leadership courses to help manage change in your organisation

Change through Agile

Courses in our Agile training portfolio relevant to change management

Change through emerging technologies

Courses relevant to change management in our Data and AI training portfolio

Change through ITIL

Courses in the IT Service Management framework to help you embrace change

Change can also be how modifications to IT systems, services and infrastructure occur in a controlled manner. Within ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) change enablement focuses on technical change by ensuring all vulnerabilities are assessed, changes are permitted, and timelines monitored.

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Supporting personal change when learning

We understand that the learning in itself will not maximise the ROI on training. Learners need more support. SupportNets™ consists of an ecosystem of support which can be wrapped around any learning programme to support the learner and their line managers to gain more from their learning. Please contact us to find out more.

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