Our Partnership with BCS

We develop the next generation of digital professionals by delivering apprenticeships assessed by BCS, and we also offer a range of BCS professional certificates. In 2023 alone, QA learners sat more than 4,000 BCS professional exams and over 1,700 entered end-point assessment (EPA) with BCS.

BCS leads the way in the digital disciplines organisations value most, including business analysis, artificial intelligence, cyber security, and many more. With access to cutting edge skills and the latest thinking, employers can attract, retain and develop the talent that makes digital transformation possible.

BCS Training & Certifications

QA partners with BCS to offer more than 50 professional certificates in ten disciplines, meaning employers can develop digital talent throughout the business. Each certificate is globally recognised and designed by industry experts to address current and future demands.

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BCS Apprenticeships

As a leading end-point assessment organisation, BCS has assessed the majority of digital apprentices – more than 20,000 since 2017. Together we offer employers and learners all the support they need to succeed, from webinars for line managers to a comprehensive resource bank for apprentices.

BCS’s EPA is mapped to the Skills Framework for the Information Age (SFIAplus) to ensure learners develop the most relevant and in-demand skills.

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BCS Training with QA

QA partner with BSC to deliver training and certifications across a range of specialisms. 

BCS Agile

BCS’s comprehensive Agile certification pathway supports Agile transformation to deliver immediate value within an organisation. Certificates cover Agile working, Agile transformation, Scrum and Agile methodologies, project management, and much more.

BCS Business Analysis

BCS’s leading business analysis certifications demonstrate professionals meet the highest standards, developing the skills they need to support successful business change programmes.

BCS also assesses the Business Analyst (level 4) apprenticeship standard, which equips learners to improve organisations’ information systems so that they can boost efficiency and make better decisions.

BCS Cyber

BCS’s information security and data protection certifications help professionals align their organisations with the latest industry standards, frameworks and best practices for more robust information security and compliance.

BCS also assesses a range of level 3 and 4 apprenticeship standards in this area.

BCS Data

BCS’s Professional Certificate in Data Analysis teaches professionals to define detailed data requirements and apply the most effective techniques when analysing business data.

BCS also assesses a wide range of data-focused apprenticeship standards, from Data Protection and Information Governance Practitioner (level 4) to Artificial Intelligence (AI) Data Specialist (level 7).

BCS Enterprise

BCS’s IT architecture certifications help organisations succeed through the power of digital technology. While the Foundation Certificate offers a thorough grounding in the architecture tools, solutions and processes that turn an organisation’s vision into a reality, the Practitioner Certificate equips professionals to make strategic decisions about technology that support businesses’ long-term goals.

BCS Service Management

The BCS EXIN Foundation Certificate in SIAM® teaches the fundamental concepts of service integration, supporting professionals to unite multiple service providers and work towards a common goal that supports agreed objectives for service delivery.

BCS Courses & Qualifications

Join a Global Community

By partnering with BCS, we give our learners the opportunity to be part of a global community of digital professionals. As members, they can collaborate, raise their profile, and continually develop their skills.

Once a learner completes their EPA or certificate, it’s not the end - in fact, it’s just the beginning! BCS offers everyone who passes EPA for a digital apprenticeship standard a large discount on their first year of BCS Professional membership (MBCS) and RITTech registration. And those who pass a professional certificate exam benefit from a year of free BCS Professional membership (MBCS).

Find out more by contacting our team to discuss your requirements. 

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More about BCS Training

How do I gain a BCS certification?

Gain a BCS certification by booking on to one of our courses. Employees will learn through our virtual or face-to-face classroom events, where they’ll be given all the expert support they need to master their subject.

Why get a BCS certification?

BCS certifications help your people develop their skills and progress into vital roles in your organisation. They are:

  • Designed by industry experts to address employers’ demands
  • Globally recognised and delivered in 200+ countries
  • Aligned with the leading industry skills framework, SFIAplus
  • Built on BCS’s 30-year reputation for exam quality, integrity and impartiality

Each of BCS’s professional certificates is aligned with SFIAplus, certifying practical, relevant IT skills from foundation to expert level. This means that wherever someone is in their career, and whatever their field of IT, they can learn something new and plot their development on the industry framework.

BCS certification levels explained

Here’s a quick overview of each of BCS’s certification levels.

Essentials: This level gives a short introduction to the topic, and is equivalent to SFIAplus levels 2 to 3.

Foundation: Foundation level certificates offer broad coverage of the subject as the basis for future progression, or to provide insight for professionals from other areas. Equivalent to SFIAplus levels 3 to 4.

Practitioner: Practitioner certificates focus on specific skills and application to enable professionals to work effectively in that area. Equivalent to SFIAplus levels 4 to 5.

Professional: The highest level certificates are aimed at specialists or managers who require an in-depth knowledge of their subject area. Equivalent to SFIAplus level 5.