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“Modern leadership must thrive in a changing world by embracing adaptability, empathy, and a commitment to growth. It navigates complexity with resilience, fostering collaboration towards a shared vision of progress. This journey can be both disorientating and exciting, as technology and AI transform the future of business and reshape the way we work.

”We are in the privileged position that our customers come to partner with us so that we can help equip and empower their businesses to move confidently into these new and exciting adventures. Our adventure is being able to help shape organisations we admire by adding authentic value.”

Megan Sutton

QA Principal Solutions Consultant and Leadership & Business Expert

Ways of learning

Master the world of Leadership & Business

Instructor-led learning

Led by industry experts, our Leadership & Business instructor-led courses are delivered via digital or in-person classroom cohorts as well as organisation-specific programmes.

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Self-paced learning

Within our 40K+ hours of online content, we have dedicated Leadership & Business resources including hands-on labs, certifications, and self-paced courses to enable teams and individuals to continuously upskill at pace.

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Your challenges, our solutions

To deliver learning that works, we start with your priorities

The challenge: Resistance to new technology

41% of senior decision makers report ‘attachment to traditional methods’ as a top barrier to implementing new solutions.

The solution: Build a culture of digital agility

89% of executives say AI implementation is a top priority. Our courses specialise in communication and team skills to support change leadership, ensuring teams have the personal skills needed to create the culture of digital agility.

The challenge: Rising attrition rates

90% of organisations globally are concerned about employee retention, with 50% of hiring managers predicting an increase in employee turnover in the coming year.

The solution: Create a culture for performance and people

Helping people to understand their purpose and progression will create a people and performance driven culture. Our courses develop the leadership behaviours needed to integrate a learning culture across the organisation.

The challenge: Attracting & retaining top talent

57% of CEOs and senior leaders report that attracting and retaining talent is their number one priority. Not a single leader said they had “no plans” for upskilling or reskilling initiatives.

The solution: Invest in upskilling

Reskilling is a key strategy for accessing emerging skills such as AI. By investing in employee development, organisations can attract top talent and reduce turnover rates, creating a more skilled and committed workforce.

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We believe the future belongs to organisations who learn to change with the latest digital capabilities. 

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Need to know

Frequently asked questions

Why choose Leadership & Business training at QA?

We offer training in a range of digital leadership skills to help everybody from first-time managers through to experienced leaders to become more effective and have a positive impact on digital transformation. 

Our courses cover four key skills:

People Skills 

  • understand how to empower, motivate, and develop people to achieve their best
  • learn effective coaching skills 
  • improve management of wellbeing and resilience
  • intelligent problem-solving and decision-making.

Team Skills 

  • how to build and sustain high-performing teams able to navigate a changing business landscape
  • management and leadership transition
  • developing tech teams and managing performance
  • diversity and inclusion. 

Digital Skills 

  • skills to support communication, collaboration, and productivity
  • demonstrating digital fluency
  • enhance your written and spoken communications
  • presenting with impact. 

Business Skills 

  • commercial understanding and the ability to harness the other three skill areas to drive outcomes in the hybrid workplace
  • increase your personal impact 
  • driving change in digital transformation
  • relationship management
  • successful hybrid working. 

Do you offer bespoke Leadership & Business solutions?

Yes! We can work with you to create a bespoke solution to address your organisation's needs and preferences in terms of content, flow and delivery. We use innovative approaches and can integrate a blend of content from different sources - including your own organisation - to meet your needs. 

If your organisation has enough learners, we can run a public schedule course as a closed cohort – just for you.  

Get in touch to find out more.

How do you ensure relevant, results-focused development?

Our Senior Learning Consultants work continuously with clients to understand their challenges and needs, through large-scale transformation programmes, tailored courses for specific organisations and hundreds of individually focused public courses.