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“Business analysis is essential for developing insights that drive product innovation and strategic direction. Organisations that invest in business analysis capabilities are able to anticipate market needs and respond with agility, ensuring that products not only meet current demands but also shape future trends.”

Paddy Dhanda

Portfolio Director – Agile & Business Analysis And Systems Design

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Led by industry experts, our Business Analysis instructor-led courses are delivered via digital or in-person classroom cohorts as well as organisation-specific programmes.

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The challenge: Subject matter expert shortage

Understanding existing capabilities and identifying opportunities for improvement requires a deep understanding of business processes. But very few roles within an organisation have this holistic knowledge.

The solution: Develop end-to-end thinking through business analysis

Organisations that invested in business analysis skills reported a 35% improvement in project success rates. Our training programmes enable teams to learn industry best practice and drive effective process transformations.

The challenge: Product delivery team and stakeholder disconnect

70% of large-scale projects fail to meet objectives due to poor communication and collaboration. Communication gaps between product delivery and stakeholders can result in products not meeting stakeholder expectations, missed deadlines, and unsuccessful projects.

The solution: Implement business analysts as intermediaries

Skilled business analysts translate business requirements into technical specifications. Product teams then need to build the solution. Our BASD experts have experience in the field so they understand real organisational needs.

The challenge: Staying ahead of the latest technological advancements

Rapid technological advancements in areas such as cyber security, data management, and AI require continuous adaptation and investment, which can strain resources and disrupt operations.

The solution: Invest in a business analysis centre of excellence

Business analysis excellence identifies impacts of new tech advancements, facilitates change and communicates the value of innovations. We offer a holistic approach to digital transformation with leading training in Business Analysis, Cyber Security, AI & Machine Learning.

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Frequently asked questions

Why do Business Analysis courses with QA?

Keeping up with rapid change is essential for organisations to continue functioning: maximising the benefits your organisation can reap from this rapid change is where the competitive advantage lies. That’s where business analysis comes in.

QA’s Business Analysis portfolio can ensure that your people are maximising business value at every step: whether you’re making sure that new systems live up to expectations, checking that processes deliver the right outcomes or ensuring that software and products are fit for purpose.

Our training offering is suitable for a range of roles, including business analyst, but also business systems analyst and systems analysts, as well as other areas, such as management or quality assurance, which combine knowledge of business analysis with their other responsibilities.

What makes your Business Analysis trainers a cut above the rest?

At QA, our BASD facilitators are experts who’ve been in the field, both in-house as business analysts and as consultants helping organisations implement full business analysis strategies.

Our learners have given us a vote of confidence with an NPS Score of 8.7/10, and we’re always working to take it higher.