How To Apply For An Apprenticeship

If you're thinking of starting your apprenticeship journey with QA, here's what to expect and how our team will support your every step of the way. 

Step 1 – Search Apprenticeship Vacancies

Your first step is to find the right apprenticeship opportunity for you. Do your research about how apprenticeships work and search apprenticeship vacancies to see which roles are available. 

100s of new opportunities all across the UK are added every month and you can narrow down your search by filtering by location and job role. 

Remember to check the requirements for each apprenticeship to find one that matches best with your qualifications. 

Step 2 – Submit Your Application 

Once you've found the best apprenticeship for you. it's time to apply. Fill in your details, uploaded a copy for your CV and our team will soon be in touch. 

Step 3 – Connect With A Careers Advisor

If you’re a match for the apprenticeship you’ve applied for, one of our careers advisor will get in touch. 

Step 4 – Complete Your Profile

Next you’ll be asked to upload some important documents (proof of right to work in the UK, your qualifications etc). We’ll also call you on WhatsApp to confirm your ID. This process doesn’t take too long.

You’ll then need to complete your QA profile. This bit is important and is your opportunity to tell potential employers about you, your skills, your passion and why you want this apprenticeship.

Step 5 – We'll Keep Your Posted

Our team will support your every step of the way. We'll set up any interviews or assessments and help you prepare for them. 

We'll keep you posted about the apprenticeship you've applied for, and if any others come up that we think you'd like, we'll let you know. 

Step 6 – Get Set To Start

If all goes well… you’ll get the job. Then you just need to start planning for your first day.

Who Can Apply For An Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships aren’t just for school leavers, they’re for anyone looking to develop new skills and further their career.

School Leavers

Apprenticeships offer an excellent alternative to classroom-based further education, whenever you choose to leave education. Whether you choose to apply for an apprenticeship after your GCSEs or your A-Levels, there are a range of Level 3 and Level 4 apprenticeships that may be suitable. 

University Leavers

University isn’t for everyone, and apprenticeships offer an alternative option for kickstarting your career. Level 4 Apprenticeships are considered to be the equivalent of the first year of an undergraduate degree, whilst Levels 5 and 6 are equivalent to a full degree.

As long as you have the right qualifications, you can leave university to undertake an apprenticeship, and benefit from on-the-job experience, a full-time paid salary.

Learn more about the differences between apprenticeships and university. 

Career Changers

Apprenticeships are for anyone of any age, and can help professionals in carving out a new career path and learning new skills. Many apprenticeships can kickstart a career in in-demand fields, such as data, software engineering and IT.

Learn more about becoming an apprentice with QA


How We Can Help

As the UK's leading tech skills training provider, we work with everyone from apprentices to business leaders, helping them to develop their digital skills and capabilities. 

The UK's tech industry is booming. With an estimated 100,000 new opportunities emerging every month and average tech salaries topping £53,000 - this wide and resilient sector is alive with career potential. 

And even better news is that there is no one type of tech person. It's an increasingly diverse, vibrant and in-demand sector. 

Over the last 10 years, we've jumped-started over 30,000 through our digital apprenticeships - so what are you waiting for, kick start your career in tech today. 


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