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Digital disruption presents digital opportunity

Gain the advantages of AI & Machine Learning. We lead the market in key areas like Microsoft Copilot, AI for IT teams, and cloud-based AI services.

Training to keep pace with innovation leaders

Keep up with the rate of digital change with the help of our partnerships, from transformation leaders such as Microsoft and AWS to our award-winning specialist subject matter experts.

Harness innovation while mitigating risk

Market-leading content in AI & Machine Learning and Cyber Security gives teams the tools to anticipate the impact of emerging tech, reinforced by change management programmes.

Combining the powers of AI and cloud computing

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Develop practical skills with labs and instructor-led courses

Our workshops, sandboxes, instructor-led, and AI-assisted labs enable teams to master emerging digital skills in a safe environment, ready for the workplace.

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Be the first to learn the latest digital skills

Be the first to learn the latest technical updates and releases. Our vendor partnerships mean our subject matter experts are first to know about certification releases, so you get first access to labs and workshops.

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Customised learning

Target workplace issues with digital skills

Target real workplace issues in our applied-learning modalities. Adapting skills directly to organisational problems encourages workplace collaboration.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the business benefits of AI & Machine Learning?

The business benefits of AI are constantly evolving and rapidly changing, with new benefits and challenges being found on a daily basis. For some areas, ChatGPT revolutionised productivity overnight, but many are still not using AI tools to their full potential. 

Many businesses may even feel anxiety around the latest AI developments, fearing they will be left behind.

What’s clear however, is that we are still only scratching the surface of the potential of artificial intelligence and how it will change the way businesses operate in the future. Bringing AI skills in-house can help to future-proof against these challenges, as well as generate new ideas for increasing productivity and processes. 

Do you do private delivery?

We believe learning as a team breaks silos, increases the learner experience and helps assimilate and apply new skills. We deliver private sessions to bring teams together and provide a tailored, top-tier training experiences.  

Do you offer applied and collaborative workshops?

Yes! We provide an unrivalled array of ready-made, customisable, and fully bespoke workshops.

This includes SME-led sessions in which staff engage on a specific cloud, coding, or tech hands-on lab with narrative that is specific to your organisation's use case. Other examples include leadership workshops focused on activities and impact, or bespoke bootcamp-style projects to lock in learning.