A centralised SaaS platform for cybersecurity skills development

Organisations of all sizes across all industries are struggling to fill their demand for skilled cybersecurity professionals.

But it’s hard to know where to start if the talent simply isn’t there in the job market.

HTB Business is helping more than 800 enterprises of all sizes address their own unique skills gap by providing a centralised SaaS platform for cybersecurity skills development in their organization.

Whether you’re specialising team members, sharpening specific techniques, training up junior staff or looking to recruit skilled talent, Hack The Box delivers measurable results - sooner.

What can Hack the Box do for you?

Train new skills

Combine theory and practice in a single training experience across a variety of cybersecurity topics and diverse content for all skill levels.

Develop existing skills

A growing collection of virtual machines and challenges in a dedicated environment for your team to practice techniques.

Accelerate cybersecurity recruitment

Target recruitment on demonstrable skills and breeze through the hiring process, with direct access to a global talent pool.

Run attack simulations

Get your team to apply their skills and problem-solving to complex enterprise infrastructure with true-to-life corporate scenarios.

Conduct readiness assessments

Deliver a year-round, 360° approach to skills development to ensure your teams are constantly improving and attack-ready.

Deliver competitive training and skills assessments

Upskill all members of your team with a competitive edge with private CTFs and market-leading, curated hacking content.

What make Hack the Box unique?

Focused content
Whether it’s acquiring new skills, practising specific techniques, maintaining your team's sharpness or specialising in a specific area, Hack the Box allows you to hone in on the skills you most want to develop.

Analyse skill progression
See how your team’s cybersecurity skills are developing over time, and identify any knowledge or skills gaps natively.

Build a specialist team
Assess your team’s readiness by testing their skills in a multitude of virtual attack simulations, including multi-layered enterprise environments across multiple technologies (including cloud).

How does Hack the Box work?

Dedicated Labs (practical training & readiness)

  • 600+ machines & challenges, with new content, added every week
  • 6 difficulty levels so everyone can participate
  • Current, threat-landscape connected content

Professional Labs (enterprise attack simulations)

  • Practice real red-team scenarios in simulated enterprise architecture
  • 8 multi-layered scenarios, including cloud labs featuring AWS, GCP and Azure technologies
  • Certificate of completion for successful players

Academy for Business (interactive cybersecurity training)

  • Guided, interactive training combining practical applications during the learning process
  • Defined job roles and skills-based paths for a clear understanding of professional development
  • Industry certifications for focused and evidenced career advancement

Talent Search (recruit skilled talent)

  • Post cybersecurity jobs and feature on the Hack The Box job board to a global talent pool
  • Conduct skills-based candidate assessments live to hire more confidently
  • Candidate workflow tools for total clarity on how each candidate is progressing through the hiring process

CTFs (gamified competitive training)

  • Huge choice of content is available, including creating your own and bespoke custom content creation
  • Live scoreboards and post-event reporting to assess performance
  • Flexible team management tools and event support as standard

Testimonials & Case Studies

“HTB Business has been an invaluable resource in developing and training our team. The content is extremely engaging through the gamified approach.

The labs offer a breadth of technical challenges and variety, which is unparalleled anywhere else in the market. In addition, the pace at which new and high-quality content is developed is a credit to Hack The Box. This ensures that our team’s skills are always sharp.”

Josiah Beverton, Lead Security Consultant @ Context (part of Accenture Security)

“Our offensive security team was looking for a real-world training platform to test advanced attack tactics. We couldn’t be happier with the Professional Labs environment. We spared 3 days to put our brains together to solve Offshore, and we were thrilled by how challenging it was.

The lab is fully dedicated, so we’re not sharing the environment with others. The HTB Business support team has been excellent, enabling some firewall changes to make the training fit our needs.”

Christian Adounvo, Head of Offensive Security @ NortonLifeLock

“HTB Business has been an excellent training tool that has allowed us to break the mould of traditional course-based training. The labs offer a wealth of learning opportunities that are both technically challenging and diverse.

There is a staggering amount of new content created which keeps my team engaged, the user interface is polished and usable which is a testament to Hack The Box as a professional organisation. The ability to get fine-grained metrics on what my team has accomplished sets the Dedicated Labs apart from other company's offerings.”

Chris Morris, Sergeant, ICTTech @ Royal Air Force

“HTB Business has been a great platform for us as a recruitment agency to quickly establish the calibre of candidates we represent for ethical hacking positions. The platform provides a credible overview of a professional's skills and ability and a ranking that clients consider when selecting the right hire.

An active profile on Hack The Box certainly strengthens a candidate's position in the job market, making them stand out from the crowd and highlighting their commitment to skill development.”

Ryan Virani, UK Team Lead @ Adeptis

“HTB Business does an amazing job in building robust, realistic offensive labs that simulate engagement environments. An operator is able to build a solid understanding of the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTPs) that is required in real-life scenarios.

The concepts include cutting-edge, fully patched Active Directory setups where in some cases deeper research of the published techniques is needed in order to complete the challenges. If you and your team face complex, mature Red Teaming engagements, I strongly recommend the experience of Professional Labs.”

Evangelos Mourikis, Specialist Master @ Deloitte

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