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QA is the only UK Circadence partner and is proud to offer this immersive platform to our clients.

The platform uniquely combines machine learning, single- and multiplayer exercises, and offensive and defensive missions that mirror real-life threat scenarios.

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Circadence, a market leader in cybersecurity education and training, is proud to announce recognition for its Project Ares cyber learning platform from Cyber Defense Magazine (CDM), the industry’s leading electronic information security magazine. Project Ares has received the first-place award in the “Cutting-Edge in Cybersecurity Training” category.

“We’re delighted to receive one of the most prestigious cybersecurity awards in the world from Cyber Defense Magazine. The cutting-edge technology and interface is wrapped in a gamified environment, making it one of the reasons Project Ares is able to effectively scale training in a hands-on manner,” said Michael Moniz, CEO and Co-Founder of Circadence.

Benefits of Project Ares

Build and hone skills

Build and hone skills

Cyber security professionals can improve job performance

Improve learning retention

Improve learning retention

IT staff, career changers, and students can learn cyber security basics.

Upskill cyber teams

Upskill cyber teams

Learning Managers can assess skills and learning effectiveness

Hire with confidence

Hire with confidence

Recruiters and hiring managers can assess prospective cyber security employees

Cyber Skills Assessments

  • Scenarios designed to help instructors only assess skill levels.
  • They are played individually and have no specified learning objectives and there are no hints or help.
  • Users enter into an environment and must use the skills they have to complete the stated activity, finding integrated ‘flags’ along the way.

Battle Rooms

Scenarios designed to help instructors train and assess skills of their learners on a set of fundamental tasks specific to a topic. Foundational building blocks that all cyber security professionals must be proficient to participate in modern day offensive and defensive operations. Played individually and allow instructors the choice to enable or disable hints to tailor the learning experience. Users enter the environment and are provided a simple network environment, instructions and a list of tasks to complete.


Scenarios designed to help instructors train and assess skill levels of their learners within a realistic story that is either offensive or defensive (i.e. ransomware attack on a hospital). The network environment is more complex than a Battle Room scenario and requires the learner(s) to combine multiple skill sets to complete the learning objectives. Played individually, or instructors can allow teams to learn together. Instructors can choose to enable or disable hints and enter the scenario to tailor the learning experience. Users enter an environment and are given mission orders, rules of engagement and must use their skills to compete objectives.

Why Project Ares?

Anytime, anywhere training access

Anytime, anywhere training access

Allows for practice of real-world situations in a 24/7, online, safe environment.

Game-based learning

Game-based learning

Keeps users engaged and excited about continuous training, helping them see the true value of their capabilities. Hands-on training and active-learning models increase retention rates by 75 percent, so users can prepare for real-world threats.

Library of mission scenarios

Library of mission scenarios

Provides levels of experiential depth that helps users thrive in varied situations, so professionals can feel confident in managing and resolving any critical issue.

Skill-specific virtual settings

Skill-specific virtual settings

Help perfect skill strengths and toughen weaknesses so you can be prepared to strategically resolve any situation that comes your way. Comprehensive ecosystem feeds threat data to improve training so relevant skills are honed to perfection.

Who can use it?

Project Ares is ideal for enterprise, government and academic-focused organisations looking to level-up their cybersecurity training for leadership and teams alike. Keep current in your industry and with preventative measures so you can take an active role in advancing the maturity of the cybersecurity profession.  Players can track and print a certificate of completion and submit CPE credits for (ISC)2 , ISACA and CompTIA through the platform or submit a request for completion at circadence.com.

State of the Art Capabilities

Skill and tool training

  • Constantly-evolving training scenario library provides offensive and defensive scenarios at varying levels of difficulty
  • Media centre provides 100+ hours of learning material in a curated collection of documents, videos, and web resources for all things cyber
  • Learning games provide specific skill practice (work role certifications, matching ports and protocols, regular expressions, and more)

Team training

  • Trainer View for team or class performance assessment to manage cross-team skill gaps and build ROI
  • Chat service lets players learn together and build community; discuss cyber issues, in-game challenges, and leader board stats
  • Player performance is recorded and awarded by a showcase of skills, trophies, and badges of accomplishment

Cyber-range-as-a-service technology

  • Scale cyber training to meet specific readiness requirements and regulations
  • Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure makes training accessible and secure
  • Each scenario spins up an individual cyber ranges

Automated features support skills adopition

  • In-game advisor ‘Athena’ guides players through scenario challenges
  • Automated adversary responds to players for added challenge
  • Automated scoring of player and opponent actions with replay for objective assessment
  • Player actions culminate to inform models on best tactics for scenarios

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