Special Notices

An additional monitor is required for this course as participants will be accessing hands-on labs.

Tailored sessions are available on key topics from this course. Please contact us for further details.


This course is part of a series focussing on using Office 365 apps in the working environment. With collaboration as its main theme, this course works through Groups, Teams and Planner combined with Office Online to demonstrate how they can be applied to scenarios where colleagues are required to work together.

Target audience

Anyone who will need to work collaboratively with Groups, Teams or Planner within Office 365 and who needs to gain an understanding of the apps and their capabilities. Typical scenarios can include working on projects or other shared activities where tools are required to combine information and actions to achieve common goals or output.


Familiarity with Microsoft Office is required.

Dual monitor setup is required for when attending this course via the QA Attend from Anywhere delivery method.

Learning Outcomes

  • Use Office Online Apps
  • Create Office 365 Groups, set options and collaborate
  • Work with Office 365 Teams, people, files and meetings
  • Create plans with Planner
  • Update plans and tasks collaboratively

Course Outline

Module 1 – Introducing the Office Online Apps

  • Topic A – Word Online
  • Topic B – Excel Online
  • Topic C – PowerPoint Online
  • Topic D – OneDrive for Business overview
  • Topic E – OneNote Online

Module 2: Using Office 365 Groups to Collaborate

  • Topic A - Introduction to Groups
  • Topic B - Creating Groups and Setting Options
  • Topic C - Collaboration using Groups
  • Topic D - Managing Groups as an Owner

Module 3: Working with Microsoft Teams

  • Topic A – Teams introduced and described
  • Topic C – Creating and joining Teams
  • Topic B – Working with Files in Teams
  • Topic C – Meetings
  • Topic D – Chat
  • Topic E – People and Channels
  • Topic F – Activities

Module 4: Using Planner

  • Topic A – Introducing Planner with Teams and Groups
  • Topic B - Creating a Plan and Group
  • Topic C - Boards, Buckets and Tasks
  • Topic D - Creating More Detailed Tasks and Assigning Tasks
  • Topic E - Charts and viewing Plans Graphically
  • Topic F - Schedule in Planner