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When Mundipharma sought to benchmark the progress of its IT Service Management rollout against best practice, it turned to QA to conduct a rigorous Maturity Assessment.

The Challenge

Mundipharma had spent 18 months rolling out IT Service Management (ITSM), a process which included ITIL training and the design and implementation of ITIL processes. At this stage, Mundipharma felt it was time to initiate an independent review of progress to ensure that the programme was adding maximum value to the business. To achieve this, it decided to undertake an externally-run Maturity Assessment to gain an objective view of what was working well and what may need tuning as the programme deployment continued.

To carry out the assessment Mundipharma selected QA, an industry-leading expert who had been working with the organisation since July 2010 to provide ITIL training. QA's skillset and knowledge of the organisation made them the partner of choice for the critical piece of work.

Having embarked on an ITIL-based ITSM initiative 18 months ago, we wanted an independent view of both areas where we had done well, and areas where we might need a little more focus.

Tom Gooch

Head of Information Security | Mundipharma IT Services

The Solution

Prior to the assessment, QA worked with Mundipharma to establish the area of focus, the preferred approach and the final deliverables. Once these had been determined, the assessment was conducted by QA's ITIL-accredited learning consultants, who spent a week onsite performing a qualitative assessment that compromised the following key activities:

  • Workplace observations
  • Face-to-face meetings (20-30 minute duration)
  • Review of Mundipharma's policy and procedure documents
  • 'Shadowing' of key personnel

At each level, QA was assessing Mundipharma's alignment to ITIL best Practice. Each day, observations were recorded and assessed, allowing Mundipharma's relative strengths or weaknesses in each area to be identified and documented.


Mundipharma IT Services GmbH, Switzerland, is a single-vision information technology company that provides services to its customers in 20 European countries. The company brings together expertise from across Europe and has offices in Switzerland (Head Office), Germany and the United Kingdom.

The Outcome

The process culminated in a four-hour workshop event for senior IT management and other key stakeholders. During this interactive session the findings of the assessment were discussed, highlighting Mundipharma's specific strengths and any areas for improvement.

Based on their findings, QA's learning consultants made recommendations that would support Mundipharma in achieving the next phase of its implementation. These included targeted improvements to Mundipharma's Service Management processes and practices, along with key priorities in the ongoing development of its ITSM capabilities.

The professional and personable approach taken by the QA team has meant that our staff were willing to open up and we have seen no adverse cynicism or fear, which is often the case when external consultants are 'lifting the lid' of what you do. Finally, we believe that the findings will be extremely useful to us moving forward as we expand the ITIL framework principle out to our entire European IT community.

Tom Gooch

Head of Information Security | Mundipharma IT Services

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