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The need for new skills is greater than ever and if organisations are to stay relevant, they must continue to learn new skills and adapt.

  • Your customers have changed. They have become more demanding, seeking seamless user experience across more channels and constant innovation.
  • Your competition has changed. Your competitors are innovating. There are new agile start-ups or tech giants entering your markets.
  • Your threats have changed. Cyber criminals and online fraudsters pose real risks for all organisations.
  • Your workforce has changed. They’ve become more digital, more global, more diverse and more demanding.

And now the way you learn can change too.

So we’ve developed Total Learning, our most effective way to learn.

After significant investment and work, listening to the needs of clients and learners and the latest research, we have created Total Learning.

Combining the best of digital and live, with access to world-class industry experts, we focus on making sure your employees can apply their learning to drive impactful results in the workplace.

This is all underpinned by our digital platform, giving you the tools to track progress and manage your learning investment.

Total Learning is a giant step beyond traditional learning – delivering even better workplace outcomes. And an opportunity for your organisation to take the lead and thrive in the digital revolution.

How it works

Total Learning is a three-stage learning process.

Total Learning 1 Digital

Essential learning

A pathway of self-paced digital content

Learners attend a short, virtual kick-off session 2-4 weeks before live event.

People then go through a newly designed pathway of self-paced digital content, encompassing reading, videos, cartoons and quizzes to learn the essentials of the subject before the live event.

Total Learning 2 Live

Virtual classroom

Live events lasting between 1-3 days

Live virtual classroom led by expert trainers, focussed on reinforcing complex topics and deepening knowledge and skills.

Live virtual classrooms will be highly collaborative, using a mix of labs, miro boards, expert videos and interactive technology, bringing people together for practical/interactive activities and exam preparation for certified courses.

Total Learning 3 Apply

At work or pass exams

Pass exams and put learning into practice at work

For certified courses, there’ll be specific focus to pass the exam, with exam tips and feedback on mock tests.

For other business and technical courses learners agree projects that will allow them to test their new skills back in the workplace.

Why choose Total Learning?

It's a learner-centred design that delivers better business outcomes, designed by the same team that won the gold award at the learning technologies awards in 2020.

Learning Technologies Gold Award

Pass pledge 

For certified courses, we offer a pass pledge. We’re confident in our training and in the unlikely event learners don’t pass first time, we’ll give a free exam resit. Terms and conditions apply.

Our satisfaction guarantee

Total Learning is our most effective way to learn, backed by our satisfaction guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied, they can sit the same course in a standard classroom or virtual live format for free. Terms and conditions apply.

Fits around the day job

Your learners will be out of the organisation for less time

On-demand digital learning can fit around the day job.

Live sessions are typically half the length of our traditional courses.

A better way to learn

More flexible learning, digital essential learning at their own pace, with live events focussed on what matters most

Learners can learn at their own pace.

Engaging sessions with participant collaboration.

Top tech trainers

You’re in the hands of the UK’s top tech skills trainers (but don’t just take our word for it)

Entrusted by 5,000 companies in the UK and 293,000 learners each year.

Over 90% of learners recommend us.

Delivers better outcomes

More focus on workplace application and improved exam outcomes (for learning that has exams).

Learners on technical and business courses will be more equipped to apply their skills into their job.

For certified courses, we offer a pass pledge. We’re confident in our training and in the unlikely event learners don’t pass first time, we’ll give a free resit. 

Digital, Live and Apply

At the start of the journey, we will run a virtual live session for learners to explain how our Total Learning concept works, what’s expected of them, and to answer any questions they may have at the outset.

Digital Phase

Digital essential learning

In the Digital essential learning stage learners will cover the basic content they need to be ready for the live event.

People are assigned learning on our digital platform, giving them the flexibility to learn at a pace that suits them preceding the live event.

Learning the foundational content in advance both reduces the out-of-office time needed for the live event and ensures that your learners all arrive confident and well prepared.

Each course has its own digital activities - so please check out the specific requirements in the relevant course outlines. 

Training plans

Learners assigned training plans on QA’s digital learning platform, and given prompts to manage progress through their plan.

Mixed media content

We use short videos, presentations and text format to introduce foundational content in an engaging way.

Interactive labs/quizzes

To help consolidate knowledge, maintain learner engagement and help learners assess their grasp of fundamentals.

Live Session

Virtual classroom

We have designed the live virtual classroom event to be interactive and hands-on. Since learners all arrive with a common understanding of the foundational topics, we can make best use of the unique opportunities live learning provides.

We focus on the more challenging concepts that are critical to being able to apply skills back in the workplace. The classroom becomes a safe place to practise and explore ideas with expert educators and like-minded peers.

We will also be providing a series of masterclasses with leading experts in the industry to give learners a unique insight into how their new knowledge applies to real-world problems.

Virtual interactions

Learners interact virtually using the latest technology to explore ideas jointly with our expert educators and like-minded peers.

Collaboration tools

Virtual collaboration tools create an engaging and immersive experience so that learning is more effective and memorable – and fun!

Industry experts

All our industry experts have a passion for their subject and listening to them will inspire and motivate learners.

Apply Stage

At work or pass exams

Finally, the apply stage is a ground-breaking new approach in the training industry, which is tailored for different types of course.

For business and technical courses

After attending the live event, each learner is required to submit a project plan that will allow them to demonstrate the application of the skills learned back in their workplace.

Once the plan is agreed by their manager, we provide practical resources and nudges to help learners put their new skills into practice back at work. Not only will learners retain more of what they’ve learned, but they will also be able to demonstrate it in the workforce.

For exam-based courses

Learners take their exam at the end of the live event or afterwards. Our exam pass pledge aims to help learners to pass first time, with the reassurance that if they don’t, we’ll arrange a free resit, taking the cost and hassle away from you.

Project plan

Learner creates and submits their project plan via QA’s digital learning platform for approval by their own manager.

Check-in reminders

Learner undertakes their own project plan, receiving check-in reminders to help them keep it on track.


Learners come back together 3 weeks after the live events to share their experiences of applying the skills learned.

QA Total Learning™ courses

We are launching Total Learning courses in batches over the next 12 months and very soon we will have over 50 courses available in the Total Learning format. Below are the courses currently available to book online.

We will be releasing new courses regularly so please check our website for any new releases. Alternatively, you can register your interest below to get updates from us, or speak to your Account Manager for the latest information and any specific requirements.

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Fill in the form below and we'll get in touch with updates on Total Learning and course availability:

Terms and conditions

1. Pass pledge

1.1 The learner must complete the relevant QA Total Learning™ course in full in order to be eligible for the benefits set out below.

1.2 As part of certain QA Total Learning™ courses, the learner is required to sit exams (each, an "Exam"). Where the learner fails an exam, subject to the clause above, QA will pay for the learner to take a re-take of such exam (or part thereof) (a "free retake").

1.3 QA will pay for the learner to take a maximum of one free retake for the course that the learner has taken. All free retakes must be taken within 3 months of the learner sitting the first failed exam.

1.4 The learner may choose to take a further retake of an exam, however any further retakes shall be at the client’s/learner's own cost and the client/learner shall not be eligible for a refund of the exam nor course fees.

1.5 QA’s standard terms and conditions also apply.

2. Satisfaction guarantee

2.1 The learner must have completed the digital essential learning and attended the full live virtual classroom course to be eligible for the satisfaction guarantee.

2.2 The learner must notify QA that they want to redeem the guarantee up to 2 weeks after the end of the live classroom element of the Total Learning course.

2.3 Applicable to the standard version (instructor led, virtual or classroom delivery) on the same course only.

2.4 Equivalent standard course must be booked (not necessarily attended) within 1 month of notifying QA about redemption of the guarantee.

2.5 If the same standard course is not available due to its replacement with an updated version, QA will suggest the closest alternative course.

2.6 If the equivalent classroom standard course is subsequently cancelled by the learner, the offer will no longer be available.

2.7 Subject to availability.

2.8 QA’s standard terms and conditions also apply.