What is portfolio management?

Portfolio management is the strategic design, leadership and management of all change in an organisation. It is easy to lose sight of the changes that an organisation is going through – portfolio management provides a framework to detail initiatives and deliver them, and define the direction that the business will take for the foreseeable future.

Why you may need portfolio management training

Are your staff aware of the goals of your organisation? Are you able to identify and articulate how all of your work meets your aims? You will benefit from portfolio management training if:

  • You often find work going on that doesn’t support your strategic aims.
  • You find it difficult to identify exactly what changes are needed.
  • You work in a fast-paced environment that changes constantly.

The benefits of good portfolio management skills

  • Good portfolio management provides a framework to identify and understand strategic aims and ensure that all work in the organisation is meeting those aims.
  • Provides tools and techniques to identify what your strategic goals are, and segment the work for the most effective leadership.
  • Constantly analyses the landscape around the organisation to ensure any changes to the environment are identified and incorporated into initiatives.

QA's portfolio management training

  • We offer the Management of Portfolios (MoP) certification, which is aimed at senior strategic management in an organisation.
  • It is designed to work seamlessly with Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) and PRINCE2, but will work with any project method.

Why train with QA?

  • Our portfolio management courses are very interactive, with plenty of time for discussion of the issues and challenges involved.
  • We provide training across all levels of change delivery, and can relate this to your organisation's project and programme management work.
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