What is Microsoft Office?

Within today’s organisations, Microsoft Office is an essential suite of desktop productivity applications. The core components have become a global standard for communication, word-processing, spreadsheets, presentations and databases.

Microsoft Office has all the crucial tools required on a day-to-day basis within many job roles. Developing digital skills in these important business tools is key to an effective, productive and successful working environment.

Why do Microsoft Office training with QA?

We have a comprehensive range of Microsoft Office training classes, spanning multiple software versions. We offer ready-made content and the ability to create tailor-made events too. Our courses cover every level, from beginners to experienced users.

Topics include Microsoft Excel essentials through to advanced VBA programming; building dynamic presentations in PowerPoint and creating engaging documents through Word. We support people in data analytics and reporting using Power BI, collaborating with SharePoint, and working remotely and communicating through Teams and Office 365.

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