Why do a TAP Learning & Development course?

TAP Learning offers a wide range of TAP certificates focused on learning and development (L&D), with courses from Training Delivery and Online Facilitation Skills through to E-Learning Design and Learning Evaluation. Our certificates can be taken individually as part of a personal development plan, or can be delivered to teams of 6 to 10 at your workplace. TAP has been specially designed to work across all sectors and organisations, giving you skills that are immediately transferable back into your workplace.

Our extensive range of L&D qualifications can be taken on a standalone basis or built into a TAP diploma – see the Skills Qualification Framework below. Each of our TAP diploma pathways consists of four TAP certificates, plus an online self-study programme that reinforces your learning.

Many L&D professionals choose TAP courses not just because of the fantastic experience of learning from some of the best trainers in the industry, but because of the impact that learning has once they’re back in their workplace. They say that TAP qualifications result in internal satisfaction scores, improved net promoter index scores, higher attendance rates for their courses, increased employee engagement, reduced costs and improved alignment with company goals and objectives.

Our learners have given us an average NPS score of 9.3 our of 10 for our TAP Learning & Development training [Jan-Oct 2020]. And we’re always trying to improve it so that our learners have the best possible experience.

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Skills Qualification Framework

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TAP Diplomas

Our comprehensive TAP Diplomas contain multiple courses in a discounted bundle.

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