Why do a TAP Learning & Development course?

Over 70% of the UK workforce will require upskilling by 2030, according to McKinsey. As business objectives and technological needs increasingly converge, forward-thinking organisations have realised this means uniting L&D professionals, Capability Managers and wider management with a common purpose: to identify and bridge the skills-gaps created by the need for additional technological capability.

Paradoxically, people with L&D responsibilities are often overlooked for training; companies wishing to build capability need to support the people who support their people.

Our learners give us an average Trainer Quality Index of 85.2%. The average trainer score is 9.48 out of 10. Our learner numbers within any course are generally lower than 10 to provide an interactive contextualised learning environment. All TAP courses are designed to transfer learning rapidly and actively into the workplace.

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The TAP Award Framework

QA’s TAP framework covers the full universe of learning and development functions, from learning design and delivery to needs analyses, workflow learning and facilitation. View our TAP Learning pathways organised by specialism below.


Train the Trainer




Analysis and Evaluation



There are important changes being made to TAP - please read below:

  • Our diplomas (that is, bundles of specific courses leading to a certificate) are being retired and replaced in September 2023, by our new and exciting Digital Badges!
  • As a result, you must complete your diploma (and any outstanding courses that form part of it) by September 2023.
  • You will not be able to start any new diplomas after this date.

For information on which individual courses are being retired, please see the course list below.

Digital TAP badge awarded per completed course and assessment of application

Digital TAP Excellence badge awarded when 9 days or more of TAP training completed with assessment of application

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Please note: After September 2023, you will only be able to book onto the following courses: Training Delivery for New Trainers / Training Delivery for Experienced Trainers / Creating Workflow Learning / Facilitation Skills / Online Facilitation Skills / Learning Needs Analysis / Learning Evaluation / Learning Design / eLearning Design.

For more information on the courses that are being retired, please follow the links below.

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