The need for effective training has never been greater and trainers have never been under more pressure to prove their worth. This comprehensive three-day programme gives experienced trainers the knowledge and skills they need to deliver interactive, participative, and effective training.

Target Audience

This course is for trainers who have been in the role for 6 months or more. whether delivering virtually or face to face. It provides a way for you to formalise your skills and knowledge with a credible qualification. You do not need any previous qualifications in training.

Note: Because this is a fast-track course there is around 3 hours of evening work on days one and two.

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Please see course outline - 'Part One: Getting Started (pre-requisites)'

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Assessment information


You will plan and deliver a training session that is evaluated against the TAP® training delivery assessment guidelines.


The assessment is in two parts:

  • Part one: feedback on your assessed session and action planning based on the feedback
  • Part two: after the course, you will implement actions agreed with the trainer and have them signed off by your manager. This confirmation will be sent to QA.

QA will check the submission and once confirmed, will release the TAP® Learning Digital Badge in recognition of successful course completion and application of new skills.

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Session details

Part One: Getting Started (pre-requisites)

Before the workshop, you will complete an important pre-course preparation document, which will be marked as a milestone within QA’s online platform.

You will have to:

  • Read the briefing for the course

  • Establish your goals for the course

Part Two: Three-Day Workshop

Session 1: Factors Affecting Learning

  • How training differs from presenting

  • The AGES model

  • Implications for how trainers deliver learning

Session 2: Training Session Structure

  • Get a session off to a good start

  • Be clear about outcomes

  • Set a route map for the session

  • Identify learners’ prior experience

  • Establish the benefits of the session

  • Build clear and well-structured content

  • Deliver content efficiently and interactively

  • Reinforce and consolidate key learning points

  • Review learners’ progress

  • Adapt your approach if necessary

  • Review and conclude a session

Session 3: Learning Objectives and Assessments

  • Write a clear and concise learning objective which includes the three essential elements

  • Ensure that the three elements support each other

  • Assess whether learners have achieved the learning objective

Session 4: Training Delivery Style

  • Deliver with credibility, confidence, and enthusiasm

  • Create a positive learning climate

  • Encouraging learner participation

  • Give praise and recognition to learners for their efforts

  • Use training aids effectively

  • Coach learners when necessary

Session 5: Questioning Techniques

  • Using questions to help learners generate their own insights and take responsibility for their learning

  • Using questions to check learning

  • Handling learners’ questions effectively

Part Three: Applying the learning at work

  • You will have up to one month to further develop your skills, knowledge and behaviour by applying agreed actions at work. You will have the opportunity to reflect, analyse and discuss next steps with your manager

  • You will document the process using the template we provide

Obtaining the TAP® Learning Digital Badge

QA will issue the Digital badge via Credly when you have completed part two of the assessment.

When you have completed 9 or more days of TAP® training courses and been awarded the associated digital badges, you can claim a TAP® Learning Excellence badge by writing to qa.customerservice@qa.com.

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