About Cloud Native skills

Cloud Native development is maturing rapidly and permanently changing how modern software is built – reducing cost and increasing speed to market.

Moving to a model where IT continuously deliver services instead of delivering a static product is dependent on developing teams skilled in using Cloud Native tools. For tech teams still operating in the traditional silos of database, application or infrastructure delivery, moving to Cloud Native may seem daunting.

To start, the team leader must understand where each member of his/her team sits on the modern development skills spectrum and have a plan to build the Cloud Native talent capabilities that the organisation needs.

Cloud Native Development Skills Spectrum

To be successful, organisations will need to train many more people with the skills and experience level of an all-round Cloud Native Engineer; a person that can design, code, test, and automate cloud-first solutions.

Software Developer

A developer that specialises in a specific area. For example, backend, front-end, API developer.

Full Stack Developer

A developer that can design and build a component throughout several layers of a system.

Full Stack Engineer

An engineer that can design, code, test, and automate solutions throughout the SDLC.

Cloud Native Engineer

An engineer that can design, code, test, and automate cloud-first solutions.

We can help you develop the skills your organisation needs to benefit from the scalability, agility and speed to market that Cloud Native tools can deliver.  We will help build confidence in understanding the correct container, microservice, orchestration and DevOps skills required, and how to build a team that will unite these skills, as an essential foundation for building Cloud Native architectures.

Our courses and our academy will improve the overall skill level of your technical talent in these key technologies, quickly and effectively, keeping you in front of the technology and the competition.

QA’s Cloud Native Academy

14-week programme

As an alternative, or in addition to QA’s Cloud Native courses, QA also offer academy style Cloud Native training. Our 14-week academy programme creates Cloud Native Engineers, ready to hit the ground running.

We are able to support you with recruiting new Cloud Native Engineers. We recruit candidates through AI assessments, train in our BCS accredited academy, and have Cloud Native Engineers ready to be deployed and hit the ground running in your team.

As our computing technology is shifting from our local machines into the cloud, the way that we design and create our software has to change with it. In doing so, learners create applications that take advantage of the cloud’s ability to be flexible, so you’re only ever paying for what you need.

As part of the Academy, the learner's journey to becoming fully Cloud Native consists of two parts:

  • The first 6 weeks focus on Software Development, where they create end-to-end applications for customers and understand the principles of excellent software coding practices. Delegates will learn about object-oriented programming with Java, creating websites with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, continuous integration, testing, API development, databases and working in the cloud.
  • The following 6 weeks are focused on DevOps, where they learn about the tools that give organisations the ability to automatically upload code to deploy their applications to the cloud. Delegates learn about Python programming, continuous integration, testing, containerisation of apps through Docker, API development, building servers and how to leverage AWS to architect all of this within the cloud.

With these tools, delegates learn to create microservice-oriented applications, architect cloud infrastructure, and leverage cloud platform services, all of which will make them Cloud Native.

Advantages of the cloud

Highly Elastic

The ability to dynamically adapt to varying demands on cloud services

Highly Scalable

The ability to scale your service either up or down in an instant

Highly Available

The ability to offer your services everywhere and all the time

QA Bootcamps and Reskill

We also offer reskilling programmes ran by industry experts, if you’d like to reskill your team to become Cloud Native engineers, contact us today and learn more how our programmes can be made bespoke to your requirements.