All software developers need to ensure they integrate security into software during the course of design and development. Developers who understand cyber security are able to minimise security weaknesses, bugs, exploits or violations of programming standards. The objective is to stop hackers from being able to exploit an organisation's data or system resources due to inadequately coded software.

Some organisations have experienced security software developers to look at software designs from a security perspective in order to identify and resolve security issues. A secure software developer is responsible for developing security software and integrating security into ordinary application software developed by other teams or third parties. They also produce source code for security tools such as those providing intrusion detection, traffic analysis, virus, spyware and malware detection.

At QA we equip organisations to ensure their source code adheres to up-to-date secure coding standards. We offer the only NCSC Certified Secure Coding in C# and C++ and Java qualifications, the popular DevSecOps certification, and other application security courses.

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