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Agile transformation requires new skills to be learnt and the right mindsets built across the organization. Our agile training courses empower teams with the right knowledge to get started on this journey, but it can often be difficult to balance objectives with these new skills without additional support in the workplace.

Our network of agile coaches can help your business overcome problems that you may come across in your agile journey. Your agile coach will help your teams apply agile learning to your specific real-world context based on their industry experience.

By continually coaching your team on how they utilise agile ways of working, the effectiveness of company training programmes can be significantly increased:


of coached individuals experience higher work performance

Organisations see effectiveness shift from 22% to 88% when coaching is implemented 

Agile coaching as a service will help you to:

    • Enhance product delivery flow throughout your organisation.
    • Develop best practice ways of working then ensure consistent adoption across your organisation.
    • Embed learning received from formal training initiatives to build team mastery in popular frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, SAFe and many more.
    • Encourage a learning culture within teams to explore solutions for themselves.
    • Champion the agile mind-set across teams to align with the organisational strategy.


Start your agile coaching journey

How does the process work?

QA follow a simple five-step process to ensure that we fulfil all your training needs:

Why QA?


QA’s team of coaches and trainers have extensive experience in agile practices. They have worked with a variety of organisations, from small businesses to large enterprises, and they have helped them successfully adopt agile practices. They’ve been through some of the pain before, so that now you don’t have to!


QA’s methodology is based on the latest research and best practices in agile, and is led by our partnerships with market leading accreditation bodies such as Scrum Alliance,, ICAgile, APMG, PeopleCert, BCS and SAFe. The methodology is utilised to evolve and curate our portfolio of over 60 agile learning courses to be ever-increasingly more flexible and adaptable to meet the specific needs of each organisation.


QA has a proven track record of helping organisations adopt agile practices and achieve their digital transformation goals globally. QA has helped organisations improve their productivity, quality, and customer satisfaction, and we have trained at all levels of seniority and agile maturity, from C suite leaders understanding the impact of agile, through to agile leaders who have worked in practice for decades but want to scale and succeed.


QA has powered the agile education for big brands such as Unilever, Tesco, BT, Fujitsu, Sky, Co-op and L&G. We’ve helped them implement agile practices in a way that is right for their specific needs. QA works with organisations to understand their goals, challenges, and culture. Then, QA tailors its approach to help organisations achieve their goals.

Companies we work with

Hear the impact of our agile coaching

'We completed the Agile Maturity Assessment to understand where our team currently sits followed by coaching sessions with tailored recommendations on changes we could make, with many tools shared in a relevant, informative and engaging way... I know I am speaking on behalf of the team in saying I would highly recommend QA and this approach to others looking to further develop their agile ways of working.'

UKI Integrated Operations Programme Manager at one of the world’s largest consumer goods brands.

Partnered with Agile Reloaded

We’ve partnered with Agile Reloaded, an international community of passionate, diverse innovators and thinkers who bring different experiences, attitudes, and backgrounds to the table.

Why choose Agile Reloaded as your agile coaching partner?


Our goal is to help your teams build agile capabilities, so you become self-sufficient. Through combining our vast range of training with our coaching capabilities, we develop bespoke learning solutions that deliver business impact, making things simple so you don’t have to manage multiple suppliers.

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