What is a QA Skills Licence?

A QA Skills Licence enables you to meet the specific training needs of your employees with discounted offers across our portfolio of training courses.

Think of it as a gift card, but one that also gives you additional discounts across hundreds of QA courses. A QA Skills Licence works with any value of investment, but the higher the investment, the higher the discounts. The package can be tailored so it includes only training needs that you know you will have – or it can include some capacity for needs that are not yet fully understood. It’s totally flexible! 

How does the QA Skills Licence work?

A QA Skills Licence requires an upfront investment that can be as low as a few thousand pounds up to several hundred thousand pounds to cover the anticipated training needs of your organisation. You can then use up your investment as quickly or as slowly as you like during a 12-month period, tracking usage as you go. 

You can tailor the content you need from QA’s wide range of courses. Or just leave it flexible and open, using the Skills Licence to purchase discounted courses at the point you need it.  

We are always here to help you to get the best use out of your commitment, until you are ready to invest again. In order for you to take advantage, we do need to understand your plans and ideas, so please call us on 01753 898 765 or fill in the form below.

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Who is eligible for a Skills Licence?

Any organisation of any size can take advantage of a QA Skills Licence. A smaller organisation might want to cover all its training needs under one Skill Licence, while a larger organisation might choose separate Skill Licences for each division or department. A QA Account Manager will help you work out what is most effective for your organisation and your situation.

The benefits of a QA Skills Licence

The QA Skills Licence offers much more than access to the best training courses at the best price. It is a full-service solution that will provide best value for you and your organisation. It provides you with tools to monitor your training spend and a dedicated account team to ensure you get more from your budget.

Better value for money

Leverage significant cost savings across our broad range of courses and reduce travel time and costs by training in one of our local UK learning centres – or choose a QA Total Learning™ or Virtual Classroom course.

Offering more flexibility

Your Skills Licence can be as small or large as you like, covering your planned and unplanned needs for courses. It’s fully flexible, economic and tailored for your precise requirements.

Keep track of your training

Get monthly reports to track exactly how your training budget is being spent, helping you to identify key training areas to focus on.

Not just training courses

Use a QA Skills Licence to purchase QA Cloud Academy subscriptions. Making it even more flexible for your needs!

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Terms and conditions

The QA Skills Licence is subject to both QA's General Terms and Conditions of Business and the specific terms and conditions detailed in every individual QA Skills Licence Application (sample SLA). For full details of the QA Skills Licence, contact your QA Account Manager.

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