Competitive advantage through Agile

As more organisations need to react to ever changing environments the demand for Agile mindsets and methodologies is increasing. As a result QA has built a portfolio of learning and coaching delivered through a large team of world-class Agile experts with experience in a wide variety of industries.

The trusted choice by industry leading clients, QA deliver effective learning solutions through a combination of consultancy, coaching and training, helping companies to adapt a mindset in order to accelerate agility.


Agile learning solutions

From a skills top up with a single training course to gaining a full industry-recognised qualification, we know just how to help you with your Agile needs.


Scrum training

Scrum is a popular Agile framework for completing complex projects. Scrum was originally formalised for software development projects, but it works well for any complex, innovative scope of work. Scrum allows businesses to change priorities and requirements quickly. It promotes transparency and ensures decisions are made by the relevant teams within the organisation.

Agile Business Analyst

Being an Agile Business Analyst in an agile team means business requirements are captured and a working solution delivered in small chunks. Agile development provides a great way of adapting to changes in the business environment, better aligns the requirements to changing circumstances and utilises proven agile methodology. Enable discovery, insights & innovation. From first steps, to Data Analyst, to Data Scientist.

Agile Project Management

To stay effective, businesses need to be able to change quickly. However, traditional project management methodologies will try to fully understand the reasons for change before the change can be enabled; in the real world, this approach can be too time-consuming. Agile Project Management offers a set of frameworks that covers the people, products and practices (techniques) required to successfully implement projects in the modern business environment. We offer a range of courses so that different stakeholders within a project can fully understand exactly how to work within an Agile environment.

Agile for Software Development

Agile provides organisations with a leaner, more structured approach to software development. It enables them to respond far more quickly to change and provides a way to implement high-priority initiatives. The cross-functional Agile team includes all the roles to design, develop, test and deploy regular releases of the product and an agile approach ensures regular feedback from the business user, creating a dynamic environment in which great things can happen.

For Agile to thrive in an organisation, practitioners from all job families must adopt the Agile mindset

QA encourage and support the senior leadership teams to build a culture within the organisation that empowers employees to experiment with new ways of working and develop Agile behaviours.

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Coaching and consultancy enabling a cultural shift

Our Coaching and Consultancy offerings are designed to help companies adopt the behaviours necessary to successfully implement Agile in their organisation.

QA’s world class expert coaches, from a variety of industries are on hand to work with your teams and key stakeholders to help them accelerate agility.

Through a combination of one-to-one coaching with Product Owners, Scrum Masters, and team facilitation, our coaches help organisations to implement and self-sustain Agile methodologies to accelerate value.

QA’s world class Agile coaches can work with your key roles such as Product Owners and Scrum Masters and their teams to help them practice their newly acquired skills and apply them to their projects.


“We engaged QA to create a curriculum to help with the adoption of Agile working practices and enable us to execute the people strand of our GetAgile transformation initiative. One year into this journey, we are delighted with the contribution from QA and the feedback from our colleagues is consistently positive.”

Alex Lorke, IT Portfolio Director | The Royal Mail Group

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