by Bryan O'Connor

QA’s Senior Technical Instructor, Bryan O’Connor, is a contributor to the Cloud Credential Council’s (CCC) latest Global Digital Skills report.

The report publishes the CCC’s findings on the readiness of the IT workforce for the digital era. It invited a broad array of organisations to participate in a survey, from SMEs to global organisations. Respondents ranged from C-suite members to entry level employees. The views, opinions and feedback from CCC classroom were also analysed and included in the report.

The key findings from the report:

  • Many organisations are unaware of the significant gap they have in understanding what ‘digital’ really is, what it can deliver and how it can help them achieve success
  • The capability to learn and acquire new skills as digital technologies change is considered more important than what that individual may have learned in previous roles. This is one of the most sought after behaviours as organisations seek to maintain their competitive advantage
  • Focusing on technology alone will not deliver digital success, digital innovation, or digital value - it will only deliver new technology, not business results
  • There is a significant opportunity for individuals and organisations to upskill, re-skill and re-train for the new roles developing as a result of digital change

Read the full report

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