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QA Talent provides a rapid resource for the Home Office

Learn how QA provided a ready-made tech specialist team to deliver an award-winning cloud automation project at the Home Office.


Home Office

About the Home Office

The Home Office keeps citizens safe and the country secure. It is the lead government department for immigration and passports, drugs policy, crime, fire, counter-terrorism and police. It plays a fundamental role in the security and economic prosperity of the United Kingdom.

New tech resource and skills for automation

The Home Office made the strategic decision to design, implement and maintain an application build and test automation platform on UK cloud and AWS cloud platforms. They also made a subsequent decision to migrate existing cloud services to AWS and Azure.

However, they didn’t have the skills and capabilities in-house in the required technologies (like DevOps) to deliver this project. They also didn’t have enough capacity from their internal resource for the project. So they needed to rapidly increase both their capability and capacity to deliver on this decision.

Rapid, ready-made teams of automation engineers

QA provided a talent solution for the Home Office. We provided ready-made teams of skilled automation engineers to quickly up their technical capability and resource for this project. Initially we deployed three fully-trained automation engineers to work on the project – so the Home Office could see how our solution would work in practice, and its success.

Pleased with the outcome of this initial pilot, the Home Office subsequently scaled our solution. We deployed over 30 automation engineers in structured teams – a ready-made team of our junior tech specialists, led by one of our senior tech specialists. They supported multiple development teams at the Home Office to deliver their cloud-based platform.

An award-winning unified cloud project

By providing QA resources to rapidly upscale their capability and capacity, we helped the Home Office to implement and maintain a unified cloud environment and build a monitoring service. Our tech specialists delivered core DevOps capabilities in multiple DevOps tools including Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Git, Jenkins and Selenium. As well as rapidly scaling their technical team, together we developed an award-winning project. The Home Office was a Project Excellence category finalist for the Best Use of Cloud Services award at the BCS UK IT Industry Awards. QA was also awarded Best DevOps Consulting Firm for its work on this project at the Computing DevOps Excellence Awards.

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