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QA established a Pega Centre of Excellence at Registers of Scotland

Read how QA deployed graduate and senior tech specialists at Registers of Scotland.


Registers of Scotland

Meet our client: Registers of Scotland

Registers of Scotland (RoS) is responsible for keeping public registers of land, property and other legal documents in Scotland. They are directly accountable to the Scottish Parliament.

The challenge: Internal capability required

In 2017, RoS started a digital transformation programme to modernise their land registry activities. RoS was contractor-biased when delivering service, however Pega was seen as a platform that would necessitate the internal IT team to own the platform. RoS development leads didn’t understand the level of Pega capability and certification required to meet their objectives, and how this translated to more traditional software development roles.

Deploying graduate and senior Pega consultants 

QA carried out a discovery phase with RoS to understand their objectives and what they needed to achieve this. We worked with them to understand their technology landscape and skills gap – determining the need to establish a Pega Centre of Excellence.

QA provided a team of graduate consultants and more experienced senior consultants to join the existing Pega implementation team at RoS. Our graduate consultants were trained in Pega through our 12-week intensive consulting academy. The existing team at RoS was made up of 1 LSA, 3 developers, 2 testers and 1 business analyst. It was imperative that our consultant team landed into the organisation project-ready and able to contribute quickly.

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Work of QA's consultants 

RoS was mainly using Selenium for regression-testing due to large swathes of the application being built in Pega 7.2.1. However, they had recently upgraded to Pega 8.1.4 and were using the Pega unit testing framework for more of the regression suite.

Deploying an application to another environment is straight forward with Pega due to their packaging/deployment procedure and the use of their API. We worked with RoS to create a number of jobs using Jenkins that deploy the products in a repo (Artifactory, in this instance) to the new environment on the click of a button. The Pega Centre of Excellence at RoS is now working on using the export functionality that Pega provides to put files into repo and automatically trigger Jenkins jobs – to deploy them to the next environment and kick off the unit tests.

Using the Pega applications, we have created the digital discharge case management system. This system takes incoming messages from the automation tooling that the organisation uses, and routes them for manual intervention based on the outcome of the automation. By utilising existing capability for report extraction and authentication, in two months we created a brand-new application, user access groups and case flow (including SLAs, variable routing and custom get next work), as well as creating a number of integration points for RabbitMQ queues that the automation tooling in the organisation utilises.

Of this, the largest component in terms of development effort was the RabbitMQ integration – due to the use of JMS to RabbitMQ libraries and some complexities involved with set up.

Our work with RoS is ongoing. They are currently adopting AWS to migrate services and systems to, and will continue to develop using Pega. Our consultants will play a big part in upcoming work around this.

QA consultants integral part of RoS team 

QA consultants have now been in place at RoS for over 2 years. They are an integral part of the current and future projects carried out by the Pega Centre of Excellence. The skills that QA’s resources had were far more developed than RoS expected, and made a large contribution very quickly. We have:

  • Established a Pega Centre of Excellence.
  • Supported automation and digitisation of records management for land registry activities.
  • Deployed experienced permanent employees – including a Senior Systems Architect and System Architects – into a multi-supplier Pega-led team.
  • Provided ongoing support on-site – covering everything from bug fixes to new configuration and build to design.

The technologies used included:

  • Pega
  • Rabbit MQ
  • Docker
  • Jenkins
  • PostgreSQL
  • JFrog Artifactory
  • Kubernetes

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