IT Service Management

How can ITIL® help your organisation perform better?

Read our top 10 benefits of ITIL® and how it can help your business achieve more.

ITIL® has been proven over twenty years in some of the most demanding IT service environments - from government and public sector organisations to some of the world's leading private companies.


Why is ITIL important?

ITIL provides a dependable IT Service Management framework that can help organisations achieve what seems impossible: well planned, managed and delivered projects at agreed and controlled costs. Good IT Service Management is the key that unlocks value from IT investments.

But justifying investment in IT Service Management is often difficult – until it starts to go wrong.

There are proven benefits of adopting an ITIL approach. Research* shows that adopting an ITIL approach resulted in a 13% reduction in re-occurring incidents, 14% fewer help desk calls, 32% reduction in IT spend and 74% less recovery time after a disaster.

It can also improve and develop positive relationships with customers, manage risks in line with business needs, enable business change and allow for continual improvements.


How ITIL can help your business work better: 

  1. Manage business risk for your services- Identify, prioritise and manage service improvement opportunities
  2. Identify and focus on what's important
  3. Improves productivity
  4. Maintains a stable service environment
  5. Minimise service failures to meet customer needs
  6. Forecast, respond to and influence demand effectively
  7. Measure performance effectively
  8. Support business changes in an agile way whilst maintaining a stable and low-risk environment
  9. Build positive business relationships and improved customer satisfaction
  10. Save costs through efficiencies

ITIL training can help deliver value to your business by helping focus on what's important, measure performance effectively, improve efficiency, unite teams and  improve communication.

It is clear that there are many benefits to an organisation, but a question often asked is whether training and the formal certification worth it? An ITIL certification can definitely get you a foot in the door. For those of you who are already experienced in the profession but have not formalised your experience, it can help cement your knowledge and ensure you are consistent in your approach.


Find out more about our ITIL® training courses including the ITIL® 4 Foundation course and our Online ITIL® 4 Foundation course.


* Research by Glomark-Governan 2008

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