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John McCarthy

Dr John McCarthy

PhD in Cyber Security and E-Business Development

Dr John McCarthy is an authority on Cyber Security strategy, development and implementation. He holds a PhD in Cyber Security and e-Business Development and is an internationally recognized author of a number of works discussing all aspects of Cyber Security in the modern world including GDPR compliance. John is frequently invited to sit on expert panels and appear as an expert speaker at well-known Cyber Security events. John is also a leading expert on social engineering awareness training and best practice. Furthermore, John’s impressive list of posts include seats on a number of prominent US committees that offer advice and policy guidance to the US government on Cyber Security matters. He is also panel member of the American Transport Research Board researching Cyber Security best practice for airports throughout North America. He is an active member of the Euro CIO Cyber Security Committee, ACI EUROPE Aviation Security Committee, the British Computer Society (BSC), Elite, the International Committee on Information Warfare and Security and a Member of the Worshipful Company of Information Technologists. John is also a Freeman of the City of London.


SCADA Threats in the Modern Airport

In this research paper Dr John McCarthy, a leading authority on Cyber Security strategy and implementation, conducts a detailed study concerned with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems that are at the heart of distributed critical infrastructures within airports. Read the full article

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