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Cyber Security training courses for government information security practitioners.

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HMG Information Assurance


If your organisation is part of the public sector or the HMG supply chain, then it is required to demonstrate full appreciation and understanding of the security threats and risks it faces. It is crucial for organisations working with or in government as they manage sensitive and confidential information on a day-to-day basis. Furthermore, the organisation should implement appropriate risk mitigations, particularly when working collaboratively or when sharing information with other organisations.

Our HMG information assurance (IA) training is for public and private sector security professionals and will develop participants understanding of the issues surrounding IA. It is designed to help meet this need in a pragmatic way, providing a methodology to enable you to conduct risk assessments, in line with standards and good practice guides. Business impacts, compromise methods, assessment and treatment methodology is reinforced using real-world case studies to stay ahead of the rapidly changing field and develop best practice.