Microsoft PowerPoint provides a wealth of tools to help you deliver content in almost any situation. By taking advantage of the tools that PowerPoint has to offer you will be able to create presentations that not only stand out from the crowd, but also don’t take up all of your time to create.

By the end of the course you will be able to organise your content, create presentations quickly and with minimum fuss, enhance them with high impact visuals, and deliver dynamic presentations.

This course is suitable for anyone using PowerPoint 2010, 2013 or 2016. If you’re attending at a QA location, the course will be delivered on PowerPoint 2016.

Delegates do not need to have any experience of using PowerPoint, but experience of working in Microsoft Word would be beneficial.

Attendees must be comfortable opening, closing and saving files, and be able to navigate through files and folders. Delegates should also be familiar with the cut, copy and paste commands.

  • Understand the PowerPoint interface and common terminology
  • Create basic presentations using text, bullet points and speaker notes
  • Incorporate graphical elements such as images and shapes
  • Work with tables, charts and SmartArt diagrams
  • Add interactivity to presentations using hyperlinks and actions
  • Utilise PowerPoint’s multimedia handling capabilities by working with audio and video
  • Apply formatting to a presentation, including footers and themes
  • Apply effects including transitions and animations
  • Setup, control and manage slide shows and PowerPoint’s presenter’s view

Module 1 – Introducing PowerPoint

  • The PowerPoint environment
  • PowerPoint terminology
  • Viewing modes
  • Navigating a presentation

Module 2 – Creating a basic presentation

  • Working with slides
  • Using bullets
  • Speaker notes
  • Managing slides
  • Reusing existing slides
  • Working with a presentation outline

Module 3 – Working with images

  • Inserting, managing and formatting pictures
  • Applying image adjustments

Module 4 – Working with shapes and objects

  • Basic drawing tools
  • Formatting and customising shapes
  • Further drawing tools
  • Managing objects

Module 5 – Incorporating diagrams

  • Working with tables
  • Presenting data using charts
  • SmartArt diagrams

Module 6 – Multimedia and interactive elements

  • Hyperlinks and actions
  • Working with video
  • Screen Recordings
  • Incorporating audio

Module 7 – Formatting a presentation

  • Headers and footers
  • Using presentation themes
  • Slide sizing

Module 8 – Transitions and animations

  • Slide transitions
  • Working with animations

Module 9 – Delivering a presentation

  • Running a slide show
  • Setting up a slide show
  • Working with custom slide shows
  • Controlling the slide show
  • Using Presenter View
  • Slide handouts

Appendices (Covered if time permits and relevant to the class)

  • Slide Masters and Layouts
  • Design tips
  • Office Remote

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