Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 provides you with a variety of tools that help you to deliver dynamic and versatile presentations. Day 1 will cover how to take advantage of these tools, giving you shortcuts and time saving tips to help you create informative and resourceful presentations.

Armed with your newly taught expertise, day 2 will then provide you with the skills to present your creations with confidence to any audience.

During the latter half of day 2, you will create a short PowerPoint presentation using the skills you have attained from day 1 and deliver it to the group who will give feedback on your presentation. If requested, the presentations can be done in groups if numbers allow.

Target Audience

The course is designed for delegates who would like to learn Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 and presenting skills from scratch. No prerequisite PowerPoint knowledge is necessary as the course runs from the creation and basics to the more technical aspects of the software, such as types of diagrams, special effects and custom slide shows. Day 2 will cover the non-technical skills of body language, eye contact, presentation structure and handling audience questions.

  • Use a mouse
  • Type and use a keyboard
  • Navigate through Windows files and folders
  • Open, save and close documents
  • Work with Windows - minimise, maximise, open and close

Day 1

  • Identify the components of the PowerPoint 2013 interface
  • Create a presentation
  • Format text on slides
  • Add and modify graphical objects in a presentation
  • Work with tables in a presentation
  • Add charts to a presentation
  • Apply slide designs
  • Work with and understand Master slides
  • Add transition and animation effects to a presentation
  • Prepare a delivered presentation using slide show techniques

Day 2

  • Describe the dos and don'ts of body language in a presentation
  • Practice how to stand during a presentation
  • Detail the elements related to voice and how it is used when presenting
  • Describe the benefits of audience eye contact and practice using the technique in presentations
  • Explain why presentations need structure
  • Understand the BOPIEBAS Structure
  • Recognise the Rule of 3 and how to apply it
  • Discuss the inviting of questions at a presentation
  • Prepare an Action plan

Day 1 - PowerPoint Skills

The PowerPoint Screen

  • Backstage View
  • QA Toolbar

PowerPoint Slide Views

Building Presentations

  • Slide Views
  • Context Tabs
  • Slide Sections

Master Slides

Formatting Slides

  • Text Formatting
  • Format Painter
  • Shape and Text Boxes
  • Eyedropper Tool

Formatting Bullet Points

  • Slide Design

Inserting Pictures

Reuse Slides From Another Show

Creating Chart Slides

  • Chart Tools and Context Tabs

Table Slides

Transitions and Animations

Setting Up Slide Shows

  • Custom Shows
  • Timing Shows

Day 2 - Presentation Skills

Module 1 - Body Language

  • Posture
  • Using Your Voice and Breathing

Module 2 - Eye Contact

  • The Eye-Brain Control Technique

Module 3 - Structuring Presentations

  • The BOPIEBAS Structure
  • The Power of Three

Module 4 - Handling Questions

  • When To Invite Questions

Module 5 - Action Planning

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