Is training for and gaining a project management certification really worth the time, effort and expense? Do professional credentials increase your worth in the job market? In this article we discuss the key reasons that make having a project management certification worthwhile.

  1. Stand out from the crowd. When employers are interviewing, the competition is often stiff. They may give your CV a second look if it includes a project management certification. Having a certification gives you a definite advantage against the competition and increases your chances of getting your next job.

  2. Demonstrate breadth of knowledge. A project management certification demonstrates, as all formal qualifications do, that you appreciate the wide spectrum of elements that may need to be applied to achieve success and it gives you the tools to draw upon when needed. A certification can teach you today’s essential techniques and best practices, ensuring you add value to every project you lead.

  3. Show a desire to succeed. Certifications establish you as a continuous learner and give an indication of how serious you are to be recognised as a professional. Experience in managing projects should not be underestimated, but a project manager with the right credentials demonstrates the drive and determination to succeed. These qualities are far more likely to contribute to a successful project and employers are always looking for people who are continually developing themselves professionally.

  4. Highlight transferable skills. Companies are realising that project management disciplines and techniques can be applied at an informal level to normal day-to-day (BAU) activities. For example, project management training will teach you the importance of setting and prioritising goals, budget management and meeting deadlines, all of which can be applied  to everyday business activities.

  5. Build confidence. Certification can give you the confidence to do your job well. Applying the principles you have learnt can help you do a better job and that in turn can build your confidence.

  6. Establish leadership credentials. Having a project management certification can help you change your career. A certification tells your employer that you are well prepared to lead projects. The project management framework cuts across all disciplines and enables you apply your learning in any industry.

  7. Earn more money. Often, earning a certification can lead to a salary increase. According to the Project Management Salary Survey (Eighth edition), PMP certification holders earn 17% more that their non-certified peers.

  8. Build your network. A project management certification can help you expand your professional network. You will gain a new network of fellow project management professionals, potentially opening up new doors and new opportunities


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