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Top 4 Reasons to Choose an Apprenticeship

Get clued up on what your future could really hold on an apprenticeship.

Best choice ever

Do you really know what an apprenticeship could offer you? Now's your chance to get clued up.

1. Dodge debt

On an apprenticeship, you get all your training totally free. You’ll dodge uni debt. And you’ll dodge the costs of training courses.

2. Get ahead in your career

You can start an apprenticeship as soon as you complete your GCSEs. Or after your A levels, if you prefer. That means you could build up 3 – 6 years extra experience compared to someone who went to university (by the time they’ve graduated and started a job). Employers look for experience on CV’s – and for promotions. This could be a game changer in your career that sets you apart from the crowd and gets you ahead of the pack.

3. Boost your qualifications

You’ll get proper qualifications that employers want. Our apprenticeships are packed with industry-relevant, recognised qualifications – so you’ll be in demand. And you can take your learning as far as you want to go – from Level 3 to Bachelors or even a Master’s degree.

4. Get paid

Even though you’ll be training, you’ll still get paid. You’ll get a full salary for the duration of your apprenticeship. Even better news? The median wage for QA apprentices is £345 per week – 45% higher than the national median apprentice wage. 78% of QA apprentices we surveyed said they’d received a pay rise after their apprenticeship. And 46% reported they’d been promoted.

What could your future hold?

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