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Top 5 skills to get you hired

These top 5 skills will help get you hired. Find out how and where to learn them online for free.

You don't need work experience to get hired

Employers love to see that you've taken time and initiative to learn a new skill. It shows you're motivated, resourceful and willing to learn.

The awesome thing is, there are so many online resources out there to help you learn new skills – and tonnes of them are free!

We've hand-picked the top 5 skills that aren't going anywhere anytime soon. You'll find them super useful in your future career. And because they're online, you can learn anywhere you like! (Even on the sofa in your PJs)

Get started to boost your hireability and add extra sparkle to your professional profile.

1. Coding

Coding isn't just for programmers. Even if you don't work in a technical job, having some basic coding skills can help you talk the talk with developers, whip up simple code yourself and increase your earning potential. HTML and CSS are an easy place to start (and help you tinker around with websites and blogs), but there are many programming languages, like Java, Python and Ruby.

Learn coding here:

Codeacademy: HTML and CSS

Skillcrush: 80+ ways to learn to code for free

2. Excel

You've probably used basic Microsoft Excel before, but it's a super useful tool to use at work with tonnes of potential. You can organise, plan, budget, calculate, track – you name it! Every office has an Excel guru that everyone comes to with questions. You could be that person! Confidence in Excel will make you stand out from the crowd.

Become an Excel guru here:

Udemy: Useful Excel for Beginners

3. Google Analytics

Anything worth doing is worth analysing. Google Analytics lets you see the results of all your hard work in things like marketing, website building, social media campaigns, blogs etc. It helps answer the big questions, like who's clicking? Where are they coming from? Are they sticking around to read your content... or are they running for the hills? It will help you analyse what you've done, and make improvements.

Master Google Analytics here:

Google Academy: Google Analytics for Beginners

4. Project Management

Every project, large or small, needs managing to be successful. A good project manager knows what needs to be achieved, how they'll do it, how long it will take and how much it will cost. Employers value people with project management skills because they help make things happen – on time and on budget.

Brush up on project management here:

Udemy: Project Management for Beginners

5. Writing

Everyone can write – but writing well is another game entirely. You don't have to create the next Man Booker prize-winning novel, but brushing up on your writing skills so your business writing is clear, concise and error-free helps you get your message across, be convincing and look more professional. It's a highly desirable skill that comes in handy in just about any job imaginable.

Learn professional writing skills:

Coursera: Business Writing 

Now that you've brushed up your skills...

Find out where your new knowledge can take you.

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