How do you choose the right career for you?

Making career decisions after you finish school can be daunting. We lift some of the pressure with our tips and advice.

Decisions. Decisions.

Making career decisions can be extremely stressful. Especially if you don’t have experience in anything like the type of job you want to work in. How will you know if it’s what you really want to do?

On top of that, endless options to choose from when leaving school or college can make that all important career decision even more daunting.

So let’s lift some of the pressure with these tips on searching for your perfect career.

Listen to your experiences

Hated maths at school? Listen to your instincts. Don’t pick a career in mathematics! Your experiences are personal. Who knows you better than you! You’re a good voice to listen to when deciding on an industry. Don’t choose a career just because you think you will earn more. A career that has the whole package is much more worthwhile than a pay cheque!

Money, money, money…

A lot of people are money-motivated and so choose a career based on salary alone. The truth is that very few entry-level jobs pay top-dollar and those that do tend to have a catch – maybe the company will work you extremely hard or perhaps the industry will be pretty dull. If something seems too good to be true it often is. And as they say, money can't buy happiness. Sometimes going for the money alone doesn't keep you fulfilled and happy in the long run.

Childhood dreams

On the other hand, many people are motivated to do something they always loved as a child like acting or playing football. Then they find they struggle along making very little money and resent their choices. Clearly, there are those lucky few that do manage to succeed and make money at it, but there are less risky ways to do something you enjoy.

What to look for

Finding a job in a good industry, with good prospects and lots of flexibility to move around and progress can offer you the best of both worlds. Look for things that you think you’ll enjoy too. You will get long-term perks like salary, and a rewarding career (and you can always continue your love for footy or theatre outside of work).

Combine something you're good at with future career benefits

Digital apprenticeships are a great career option – the industry is the fastest growing in the UK. If you’ve not considered it before, you might be surprised at the variety in the sector and what your future could hold. It’s a great way to get into a career even if you have no experience – because you’ll gain practical experience alongside experts in their fields when you’re on the job.

Give IT a chance

Tech, digital and IT are often regarded as specialist sectors to work in, but the truth is it’s a great springboard for career success (and has average salaries of £40k). Whether you stay in the industry or use it as a starting point to develop good digital business knowledge – once you have experience and a foot in the door, tech opens up opportunities for you. You could move sideways or upwards into a different areas within an organisation.

Looking for ideas?

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