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Results are out - what is the right tech apprenticeship for me?

Apprenticeships in tech combine learning, earning and a surprisingly lively social scene to offer a 100% legit alternative to university. But where to start, and which tech route to take? Your journey starts here…

It’s easy when you think about it. Just turn the spotlight away from exam results and onto your future.

You might be on course to smash your grades, maybe you aren’t. Excuse the pun, but that’s all academic. Apprenticeships in tech are for everyone – or at least anyone with a passion for digital and vision of an engaging career.

Earn while you learn

But what about the university experience? Well, it’s true there’s something liberating about starting a new life, meeting new people, learning new things. But imagine all of that, only with a steady stream of pay checks heading to your bank account.

Bustling apprenticeship networks and a vibrant alumni community mean you’ll have every chance to build those relationships that really matter, sampling the perks of traditional student life… with something in your back pocket too.

The numbers speak for themselves – a third of QA’s recent tech apprentices are already making over £39,000, with another 30% earning between £25,000–£38,999. Not bad right?

Tech Control: Own Your Digital Future

OK, but what if you’re not far enough down the line of thought yet? The idea of narrowing down to a tech speciality is a complete mystery and anyway, what use are these programmes for your future job prospects?

We’ve put together all the need-to-knows around our range of cutting-edge, industry-relevant programmes to point you in the right direction. You can find out more about any of the programmes by following the links below – before maybe speaking to us in person about your best potential fits.

So – where to start? Let’s focus in on those key areas of speciality…

Cloud Computing

50% of UK organisations have already switched to the Cloud.

The bottom line: You probably already use the Cloud. It makes software and services available online – accessible from anywhere, at any time. Little wonder then that Cloud designers and developers are so in demand with businesses of all size.

Sound like you? You’re curious, particularly interested in the changing needs that drive tech innovation. You like to think you’ve got an analytical mind, you’re a good communicator, and always keen to get involved in problem solving.

Learn more about our Cloud Computing apprenticeship programmes

Cyber Security

Demand for Cyber Security roles has increased by 60% since 2021.

The bottom line: There’s few more crucial roles nowadays than in cyber security. Cyber-crime has rocketed since the pandemic – with the move to online, remote working – so devices, accounts and data all need protecting.

Sound like you? You’ll need to put yourself in other people’s shoes – staying one step ahead of hackers and their motives. You’re organised; a logical thinker who relishes a challenge and has the communication skills to make the complex explainable.

Learn more about our Cyber Security apprenticeship programmes

Data, Analytics & AI

Already 15% - or 432,000 UK businesses – have adopted AI technology.

The bottom line: It may still sound like the stuff of the future, but artificial intelligence and machine learning are very much here. Together with data analytics, these insight-driven specialities are extremely hot property.

Sound like you? A natural team player, you love talking to like-minded people and learning together to get problems solved. You’re developing quite the keen eye for detail and would feel confident presenting ideas to others, whether they’re tech-savvy or not.

Learn more about our Data, Analytics & AI apprenticeship programmes


Typical DevOps salaries range between £50,000-£80,000.

The bottom line: A good way to think of DevOps is the link between people and tech. It combines software development with IT operations – with human aspects, tools and tech all in the mix.

Sound like you? You’re empathetic, and able to understand people’s different perspectives. You see yourself as a future leader and like the idea of getting involved in an area of tech that’s still evolving.

Learn more about our DevOps apprenticeship programmes

Digital Marketing

Skills range from social media and SEO to content strategy and Google Ads.

The bottom line: It’s all about making connections. Reaching potential customers online through email, search and analytics – using different tactics to learn about audiences and serve them engaging content.

Sound like you? Love keeping on top of trends and experimenting with new ideas? For those with looking to hone both creative and analytical skills, there could be a fruitful career in digital marketing ahead.

Learn more about our Digital Marketing apprenticeship programmes


High salaries, great prospects and expected 13% growth in demand by 2030.

The bottom line: IT professionals are the behind-the-scenes heroes at almost all organisations. From diagnosing issues to setting up networks – they keep things running smoothly and step up to troubleshoot when needed.

Sound like you? Anyone ever told you you’ve got a way with explaining things? A key part of an IT pro’s role is relating to people – simplifying techy jargon so anyone can get it. A curious mind and methodical approach will also help.

Learn more about our IT apprenticeship programmes

Professional Management

Skills in this field open up a wide world of cross-sector possibilities.

The bottom line: Not one to be pinned down? By specialising in management best practice you’ll learn how to become a leader of people – transferable skills that set you up for a long and varied career of delivering in tech.

Sound like you? You’re already confident in your ability to lead. You’ve got strong people skills and are ready to grow into the organiser and communicator you’ve always known you can be.

Learn more about our Professional Management programmes

Software Development

Around 160,000 UK apps are made each year – with 100,000 live job offers a week.

The bottom line: We all love a phone app – but where do they come from? From addictive games to online banking, software engineers work tirelessly across every sector to bring the world to our fingertips.

Sound like you? The secrets to writing great code? Creativity, problem solving and attention to detail. You’ll bring it all together with numeric and logic skills as part of dynamic teams of thinkers and doers.

Learn more about our Software Development programmes

Start something special

Anything grab your attention? Talk to us now about our available tech apprenticeships and start your journey to owning your digital future.


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