This Carbon Net Zero Policy Statement is applicable to the QA Group.

Climate change affects us all, wherever we are, and we all have a part to play in reducing the causes of that change.

We have already made many changes to reduce our direct and indirect carbon emissions arising from use of fossil fuels. Through increased use of virtual and digital training methods we are taking steps to significantly reduce our property footprint together with the level of corporate travel to deliver onsite lessons.

In addition, our remote and hybrid working policies are also helping lower future property needs and the extent of travel undertaken by employees. We have already taken steps to procure zero carbon utilities where available.

Through this statement we state our intention to continue our journey to reducing our carbon emissions, as follows:

  • We commit to being net zero in Scope 1 and 2 emissions (on a market basis) by 2035.
  • We commit to being net zero in Scope 3 emissions by 2050.

To further achieve net zero carbon emissions, we will:

  • Determine our current baseline energy consumption and carbon emissions within our business and our supply chain, and set targets for reducing those emissions.
  • Reduce our direct and indirect carbon emissions to zero where possible and offset unavoidable emissions through sustainable offsetting projects by 2050. We aim to minimize and ideally eliminate the need to offset emissions altogether.
  • Review the way that our staff work, and our methods for delivering training to our learners, to further eliminate avoidable carbon emissions from travel and to ensure efficient use of our buildings.
  • Implement improvements to building services and design that reduce and minimize energy use and direct use of fossil fuels in particular.
  • Work with our travel partners to encourage use of zero and low-carbon vehicles.
  • Work with our other supply-chain partners to encourage their adoption of net zero carbon strategies.

We will publish our formal strategy and plan for targeting our net zero target commitments and Science based target before the end of 2023.

Nathan Runnicles
Chief Financial Officer
1st October 2023

QA Ltd SECR Report FY2022-23 QA Ltd Carbon Reduction Plan 2023