QA supports accessibility on the Web. Every effort has been made to ensure that this Web site is as accessible as possible, based on recognised accessibility guidelines and standards.

To aid those users who have disabilities, the pages of this Web site contain various accessibility features.

Accessibility instructions for people with disabilities

Each page has a 'skip navigation' link to take users directly to the main content, to avoiding repeating the main navigation. This link is hidden from sighted users. Navigation is repeated at the foot of each page.

Where possible, form fields have access key shortcuts, as indicated by the underlined characters. Where possible, form fields use 'tabindex' to control the correct tabbing order from one field to the next. The pages use style sheets to control the design; when style sheets are not loaded, the page content is properly linear.

All graphics have alternative text where appropriate.

The site avoids those HTML elements which reduce accessibility, such as using forms for layouts or deprecated tags.