This four-day course explains the key features and benefits of a CICSPlex environment. The Web User Interface (WUI) and CICS Explorer are used to create and manage a CICSPlex. The course covers the configuration of a CICSPlex environment and describes the capabilities, functions, and services provided by the CICSPlex System Manager (CPSM). The course describes the enhancements introduces with CICS TS V4 & V5.
Attendees will learn to configure, and use functions of CPSM using both the CICS explorer and WUI. The functions covered will be, Workload Manager (WLM), Real Time Analysis (RTA), Monitor (MON), and Business Application Services (BAS). Attendees will learn how to configure the CICS Explorer and WUI server.
There are extensive lab exercises customizing the CICS Explorer and WUI MENUs and VIEWs. Attendees will define and deploy resource BUNDLES to a CICS platform.

This course is also available for one-company, exclusive presentations, either run on-site or via the Virtual Classroom Environment service.


A good technical understanding of the CICS and z/OS environments.

Delegates will learn how to

  • describe the capabilities of CPSM components such as Single System Image (SSI), single point of control and definition, Work Load Manager (WLM), Real Time Analysis (RTA) and Business Application Services (BAS)
  • list the functions provided by CPSM operations
  • describe the required CPSM infrastructure
  • describe the installation of the CICS Explorer
  • describe the installation of the WUI server
  • use and customize the CICS Explorer and WUI server
  • configure a CICSPlex
  • define CICSPlex topology
  • describe the security provided for CSPM
  • use the CICS Explorer to define and deploy a resource BUNDLE to a CICS platform
  • use the CICS Explorer “Cloud” perspective.


Introduction to CICSPlex System Manager

CPSM terminology review; Workload management; Real Time Analysis (RTA); CPSM components: Single-System Image (SSI), CPSM address space (CMAS), Maintenance Point (MP), MAS, the data repository (EYUDREP), Environment Services System Services (ESSS), the Coordinating Address Space (CAS), Single Point Of Control (SPOC); Web User Interface (WUI). The interfaces to CICS TS (CPSM) are discussed & used. Covered are the WUI, CICS Explorer, Batch repository Utility (BATCHREP), and the definition utility (EYU9XDBT).

WUI Operation

WUI access; Logging on; Context & Scope; Using the product supplied views; navigation; Action commands; 'CEMT' type commands such as CICSRGN, TASK and TRAN.

WUI Configuration

Using the COVC transaction; WUI repository; Control datasets; JCL changes; Importing and Exporting views.

CICS Explorer Operation and Customization

CICS Explorer access; defining connections and logon; use the product supplied views to navigate, perform administrative & operational functions. Customize & use the 'cloud perspective' and platform definitions. Define and deploy a resource BUNDLE.

CPSM Topology

Using the CICS explorer and WUI to define a CICSPlex; CICSSYS; CICSGRP; Associating rules (such as WLM and RTA); Removing an association; Topology operation view: Using BATCHREP to move and define resources.

Operation Views

Selected views; selecting a resource: working with CONTEXT and SCOPE: using action commands.

CPSM definitions for WLM and RTA

Discussion on the use and benefits of WLM and RTA: Using the WUI to define CPSM WLM and RTA specification and subsequent rules such as, WLMSPEC and RTASPEC: SAM: MRM: RTADEF: STATDEF: and associations.

BAS Definitions

Using the CICS explorer and WUI to define and control BAS definitions; resDEF, RESDESC; RASGNDEF; RESGROUP; SYSLINK; establishing controls to install resources using CPSM.