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Course Code MPDLSC
Duration 1 Day

Leading successful change requires unfaltering commitment, skill and technique. The complexity of change can be so overwhelming that many managers simply don't know where to start. Whether you want to learn how to manage organisational change or are in a position of restructuring or reorganising, this interactive and highly participative learning event will ensure that you get support and commitment from your people right from the start.

Delegates will enhance their skills in order to lead both transformational and incremental change - change that is both physical and which requires the careful management of people too - using simple, easy to apply and highly effective tools.

Target Audience

You will benefit from this course if you are a manager who is either about to introduce change or already managing a change programme. You will also benefit if you are likely to manage change in the future.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course you will be able to:

  • define what change is and how it impacts on the way people work
  • use Kotter's 8 steps to implement successful change
  • identify people's differing responses to change (behaviours and emotion)
  • explore the reasons why people often resist change
  • help individuals work constructively through change
  • state the importance of creating a shared vision for the future
  • develop the skills to build a compelling vision for change with all those involved.

Course Outline

  • Understanding the realities of change.
  • Types of organisational change.
  • Factors affecting organisational change.
  • John Kotter's 8 step process for successful change
  • Developing a stakeholder commitment chart.
  • Creating a compelling vision for change.
  • Communication techniques during change.
  • Managing people through change.
  • Removing barriers and obstacles to successful change.
  • Creating short term wins.
  • Celebrating successes.
  • Identifying the link between power and influence and their impact on change.
  • Tactics for overcoming resistance to change.
  • Cosseting the enthusiasts.
  • Making change stick.


1 Day


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Delivery method


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