Harnessing generative AI – Concerns and ethics


As part of our commitment to fostering continuous learning and development in the workplace, we’re thrilled to offer you exclusive access to a compelling short lesson on Generative AI – Concerns and Ethics, brought to you by Cloud Academy. 

Lesson overview

In this insightful session, you’ll delve into the essential considerations surrounding Generative AI, exploring some of the concerns and ethical challenges it presents. Led by Farish Kashefinejad, a seasoned Full-Stack Development Content Creator at Cloud Academy, this lesson promises to equip you with crucial insights to: 

  • Understand the potential data privacy risks and concerns when using Gen AI
  • Learn about bias concerns when using Generative AI data with a real-world example
  • Learn about IP and copyright concerns with Gen AI 

This lesson covers some concerns and ethical considerations when working with Generative AI

Who should watch the video

This course is intended for anyone keen to deepen their understanding of Generative AI and its ethical dimensions.


While prior knowledge of Generative AI is beneficial, a basic familiarity with the subject is all you need to get started.

About the author

Farish Kashefinejad - Full-Stack Development Content Creator, Cloud Academy

Farish has worked in the EdTech industry for over six years. He is passionate about teaching valuable coding skills to help individuals and enterprises succeed. 

Previously, Farish worked at 2U Inc in two concurrent roles. Farish worked as an adjunct instructor for 2U’s full-stack boot camps at UCLA and UCR. Farish also worked as a curriculum engineer for multiple full-stack boot camp programs. As a curriculum engineer, Farish’s role was to create activities, projects, and lesson plans taught in the boot camps used by over 50 University partners. Along with these duties, Farish also created nearly 80 videos for the full-stack blended online program. 

Before 2U, Farish worked at Codecademy for over four years, both as a content creator and part of the curriculum experience team. 

Farish is an avid powerlifter, sushi lover, and occasional Funko collector. 

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