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Apprenticeships: Getting a leg-up in your marketing career

By 21, Jonathan had been promoted to Digital Marketing Manager at Wallet.Services in Edinburgh. How? By doing a Digital Marketing apprenticeship.


Jonathan felt stuck in the classroom. And he was tired of working in a job he didn’t like. So he started a 14-month digital marketing apprenticeship – at Wallet.Services in Edinburgh. And it changed everything.

By 21, he’d completed his qualification, been promoted to Digital Marketing Manager – and has a career he’s proud of.

A fork in the road

"For me, an apprenticeship is the most logical next step for a school-leaver to take. I was tired of being in the classroom after going through 13 years of school, a course on interactive media at college and working a job I didn't like. I knew I had to do something with my life, but didn't know what I wanted – or how to get it. So I spent my free time socialising, playing games and sleeping. It may sound like a dream, but all play and no work makes Jonathan a dull boy. It was time for a change."

A career to be proud of

"At Wallet.Services, I help our sales and development teams do what they’re best at. As it’s a young company, a lot of things weren’t created yet when I started – things like templates, email signatures and slide decks. I’ve implemented a visual style and brand for the company – it’s allowed us to stay consistent, both in how we look and what we say. Working on our social media and newsletter has given our brand a personality. "

Highlights reel

“There have been so many high points in my short career: meeting MPs and MSPs, events at Microsoft, helping our newest team member get to grips with her role – and my recent promotion. If I had to pick one, it would be seeing my graphic design work printed out on a huge stand at DIGIT Expo 18. I’m so passionate about design – and was proud of the work I produced. It was extremely validating and exciting. I’d never seen my work outside of a screen before."

A career leg-up

"My apprenticeship has given me a massive leg-up in my career. Had I gone to university, I wouldn’t have finished my course by this point – and I’d be worrying about finding a job on my own in the big bad world. I think a big marker for my success would be to one day work with an apprentice – to pass on my knowledge, that the people at QA and Wallet.Services have given me. Having said that, I’d also love to reach 1,000 followers on Twitter!"

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