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Meet the first woman to complete a cyber security apprenticeship

But being the first that wasn’t enough for Steph. She also got the highest possible grade. And works in a cool, unique industry.


Steph became the first woman in the UK to complete a cyber security apprenticeship. Not only that – she achieved the highest possible grade.

She works at HORIBA MIRA. In a cool and unique industry – where cyber security meets vehicles.

Inspiring other #WomenInTech

"When I found out I was the first female cyber security apprenticeship achiever in the UK (and with a Distinction grade!), it was a surprise but I was really happy to hear it. It’s exciting because I hope I can inspire more women into a career in tech. I want them to know that you don’t always need a strong technical background before starting your career or have a particular ‘personality type’ to fit in. If you’re enthusiastic and love what you do, you’ll thrive."

Choosing a cyber security apprenticeship

"I chose to do the cyber security apprenticeship because I got to learn the theory, as well as doing practical training. It gave me the opportunity to work within the industry and gain experience. Earning while you learn is a bonus too. Highlights for me are working in the fascinating world of automotive cyber security – the huge range of subjects I covered in my apprenticeship – and of course, and the wonderful people I’ve met along the way."

Working in automotive cyber security

“I’ve learned so much about cyber security at HORIBA MIRA – particularly in automotive security. I’ve got more technical know-how. I can build and programme tools to protect data privacy – and I understand automotive cyber security standards. I’ve used my training in networking and cryptography and know how they’re used in vehicles. The apprenticeship has set me up for any challenge that I come up against – to make vehicles secure.”

Stepping up her knowledge to power her career

"I plan to do a BSc (and maybe even an MSc) in cyber security. I want to push my learning further – so I can develop my career at HORIBA MIRA. I’d also like to do some courses to get professional certifications (like EC-Council’s CEH and CompTIA’s CySa+). To anybody considering an apprenticeship, I’d strongly encourage you to go for it. The combination of technical skills, business skills and experience will make you so valuable…not to mention look great on your CV!"

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