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Creating cloud capability at Fujitsu

Can’t find talent? Then create your own. Find out how we worked with Fujitsu to train hundreds of their employees in cloud.



Creating their own cloud experts

There weren’t enough people with skills in Microsoft Azure at Fujitsu – so they had to rely on contractors. This was costly for them, and also risky. It was a less reliable way to get people on board, and they faced constant worry about people (with valuable knowledge) leaving.

So they wanted to create their own highly-skilled workforce – by training people already working at Fujitsu.

Introducing the Microsoft Azure Technical Academy

We worked with them to create their Microsoft Azure Technical Academy – that would meet their need for skills now, and in the future.

The Academy is designed to give around 500 people the right skills (and certifications) – and most importantly, help them put their new skills into practice, developing their knowledge beyond the classroom.

It will take 3 years to achieve – over 100 people were trained in 2018 – 200 more will be trained in 2019 and another 200 in 2020.

Training to reach hundreds of people – all over Europe

Half of Fujitsu’s employees are in mainland Europe – so we use technology and the cloud to deliver learning.

To make sure everyone puts their skills into practice – we use the 70:20:10 model. We combine learning (in a virtual classroom) with learning from their peers – and on the job experience.

Fujitsu learners joining the Academy get: hands-on labs, access to online learning (so they can learn at their own pace), excellent training from our experienced tutors (to get into the detail) and Microsoft exams (to gain their certifications).

The Academy is taking over

QA Cloud Academy Case Study

Out of the learners that have started their training – 65% have given a satisfaction score of 8/10 or higher.

Fujitsu are so pleased with the outcome so far, that we’re going to create more academies together to address other skills they need – in Microsoft Azure Security and Microsoft 365.

Martin Jump – Head of Technology and Services Faculty at Fujitsu says:

 “QA has worked with Fujitsu for over 7 years. Starting in the UK, our partnership has grown to operate around the world. We need to deliver next generation cloud services. Generating Azure skills at scale is of the highest importance. When we invested in Azure learning pathways, we wanted a solution that was agile, suitable for an EMEIA audience, innovative, cost-effective and certification-focused. With a co-creative approach, QA created a series of blended pathways for architects, developers and administrators that totally met all of these criteria. QA helped manage the entire implementation and created a website for us to support the communication process.”

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