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Atom bank: Gaining the skills to succeed with SAFe®

Meet Faizah and Laura - two of 20 Atom bank employees that embarked on QA’s SAFe® for Enterprise for Product Owner and Product Managers course.

atom bank logoEmployees are the cogs that keep any organisation moving. And efficient, productive and knowledgeable employees equals innovation and long-term growth. Encouraging employees to upskill allows them to excel and flourish in their role, further offering your organisation the best in-house skills. And that’s exactly what we saw at Atom bank.


Having shown rapid growth in recent months, Atom bank’s Business Analysis team has doubled in size. Realising that communication is always key – especially among a large team, Atom bank reached the decision to upskill their employees and equip them with the skills to flourish. This focused on becoming more collaborative, learning how to overcome challenges as a team, and delivering the best to their customers.

To meet this need, Atom bank enrolled 20 of their employees on QA’s SAFe® for Enterprise for Product Owner and Product Managers course.

Meet Faizah – From Business Analyst to leading a team of 13

Faizah joined Atom bank in 2019 as a Business Analyst leading Agile practices, and to achieve better quality deliveries through time-efficiency. Due to the support she received from her line manager and the opportunity to upskill, she has jumped to the next step of her career and is now a successful Principal Business Analyst. Faizah now leads a team of 13 Business Analysts who influence major business products such as mortgages and savings products.


“My performance in my role has been strengthened through the ability to influence others based on the common language that we’ve learnt from the QA course.

“The QA course reinvigorated us to change for better.” 

As a result of her hard work and passion for her role, Faizah was identified as a potential tech leader and nominated for Atom’s ‘Tech Pro Team’ award, an initiative that celebrates rising stars in technology!

Faizah aims to continue her career at Atom bank by engaging, empowering and leading her team towards success.

Meet Laura – Gaining the Skills to Succeed

Laura has been at Atom bank for a year and is one of the incredible Business Analysts in Faizah’s team. After completing the QA course, Laura grew the confidence to bring new ideas to the table and played a part in shaping the way that projects are prioritised. Laura also landed a secondment as a Product Owner which she hopes will allow her to leap towards a Product Manager role in the near future.


“The course really helped me to come up with new ideas on how to prioritise projects, and translate tech into more customer-centric delivery."

Aside from her role as a Business Analyst, Laura is an aspiring public speaker. Laura was encouraged by her peers to create her own series of live talks, called ‘Atom Live’, where she gives her colleagues the chance to appear in exclusive interviews from across the business.

The outcome

After completing the course, Atom’s Business Analysis team collectively built a stronger working relationship. This encouraged a strong teamwork ethic, more creativity, and the ability to face and resolve new challenges.

Atom has also successfully trained additional employees at Atom bank from the project management, commercial, finance and proposition teams. This has allowed Atom bank’s workforce to communicate with each other in a common language, where all team members from different parts of the business can understand and become more efficient, achieve milestones and deliver only the best to their customers.

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