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DevSecOps Hands-On

QA Associate Trainer, Paul Schwarzenberger, introduces the new DevSecOps Hands-On course and what it covers.

QA's newly released course "DevSecOps Hands-On" meets the growing demand from organisations needing to secure data used by applications developed using an agile DevOps model.

According to Paul Schwarzenberger, course developer and associate trainer at QA, "traditional security approaches are inefficient and largely ineffective for organisations using Agile, DevOps and Cloud - as illustrated by the massive amount of recent data breaches."

Richard Beck, Director of Cyber at QA, added:

"It's essential that we introduce DevSecOps into the application development lifecycle as early as possible, this collaboration will minimise vulnerabilities, reduce risk and bring security closer to business outcomes."

DevSecOps is a new approach which embeds security to each DevOps team, with automated security testing at all stages of the software development lifecycle.

Security infrastructure, policies, controls, compliance, audit and even secure operations are all coded and automated, with almost no manual processes.

This three-day course introduces the concepts of DevSecOps and gives delegates practical hands-on experience using DevSecOps tools, covering topics ranging from application security and continuous integration pipelines, to cloud security, containers, serverless, and integrated security tests.

DevSecOps Hands-On doesn't just cover technology; we look at a new approach to Security Operations, and explore people aspects such as culture, organisational structure, skills development, team effectiveness and recruitment approaches.

Experience in cyber security or DevOps is beneficial but by no means essential. Delegates will increase their knowledge and understanding of DevSecOps regardless of ability and do not need to be coding experts to complete the labs.

Due to the interactive nature of the course and labs, DevSecOps Hands-on will be delivered on site at QA training centres and is not suitable for online learning.

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