This Microsoft Teams 365 Essentials Half Day course looks at the fundamentals of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool designed to bring together people, communication and content in a single interface.


  • A basic understanding of instant messaging
  • Knowledge of Microsoft Office
  • Ability to use a browser

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand Teams and Channels
  • Add Channels for the Team to follow
  • Understand how to work collaboratively within a Team
  • Add Conversations, Files and Wiki Pages

Course Outline

Microsoft Teams Overview

  • Introducing the concept of Teams
  • Accessing the Teams App
  • Navigating in the Teams App

Creating Teams

  • Create the Team
  • Owners and Members
  • Managing Teams


  • Creating and working with Channels
  • Starting conversations

Meetings in Microsoft Teams

  • Schedule a meeting
  • Select a channel to meet in
  • Invite people
  • Join online
  • Chat with participants
  • Edit and updating meetings
  • Cancel meetings

Adding Content to Teams

  • Working with Microsoft Office documents