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Energis turns to QA for PRINCE2 training

IT services and telecommunications company Energis asked QA to help train their workforce in project management, using the PRINCE2 methods.



Meet our client: Energis

Energis is an award-winning IT services and telecommunications company. Around 437 million call minutes are routed over the Energis network each week and more than 12 million emails pass through Energis’ Internet data centres each day. Energis manages more than 1,600 servers and processes around 10,500 URLs per second – delivering 6 million megabytes of data to users every day. Energis is now a subsidiary of Cable & Wireless.

Why Energis needed PRINCE2 training

Providing IT and communications services is a demanding business. For customers, the services provided by organisations such as Energis are absolutely critical to the running of their businesses – and top performance is expected around the clock, each and every day. Success means a continual focus on top-quality service.

Energis is committed to the development of its staff, driven by providing the best quality of service through expert people. Recognising the need for IT projects to be skilfully controlled, the company decided to adopt PRINCE2 as its standard methodology for managing projects. PRINCE2 (Projects IN Controlled Environments) is a structured method for effective project management, used in both public and private sectors, both in the UK and internationally.

How QA provided PRINCE2 training

Initially, Energis had been providing PRINCE2 training to its employees through QA’s public schedule of training courses. The company had been very happy with the results – having received strong positive feedback from course delegates. Energis then approached QA to provide a series of ‘closed’ courses, specifically for its own teams.

This made sense – learning more about Energis’ specific needs helped QA with the delivery of the training, making the courses more relevant to the employees. The course delegates come from a wide range of roles – not just IT staff, but people who are responsible for managing all types and size of projects throughout Energis.

QA has successfully trained around a hundred people from Energis, using a mixture of closed and public courses, as part of what is now a rolling project management training programme.

The PRINCE2 training took place at Leeds, Reading and London. The PRINCE2 certification – PRINCE2 for Practitioners – was used as a goal and means of measuring both the success of the training and the resulting skills of the delegates.

In addition, QA has also been providing Energis with a wide range of other training courses – including Java, Microsoft, object-oriented programming, Oracle, Red Hat, Linux and UML.

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