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Modernising the business

Alongside more agile workplaces and more demanding sectoral contexts, come the challenges of modernising businesses. As we at QA work with organisations of high digital maturity with complex technology stacks, we understand uncertainty. With certain clients, it can be that we do not directly talk about technology. Instead, we use our understanding of the challenges of a modern fast-paced environment to help managers modernise and the technology comes as the learning is transferred.


When modernising, organisations can require large numbers of line managers to make their way through modules such that they have a shared language to use when managing staff and assessing performance in more agile ways. Performance management is being replaced by coaching conversations. These conversations can become unfair and unbalanced, and even reverse business modernisation if staff do not have the confidence to have productive and far more regular discussions.

The Client Solution

The client's solution needed to be patient, whilst also instigating change at a reasonable speed. We varied the focus of modules to concentrate on modernising, what that means at a team level and then what that new team dynamic means at an individual line manager level. By creating this cadence, the modules were designed to balance the needs of the learners to look after themselves, their teams (or teams of teams) and to do so in ways that link to value.

The idea of individual, group and organisational levels of learning is not new. In this client work, we used them in a modern way to modernise the business. Learning is personal and takes time out of busy days. Not to hand something back to each learner at their individual level can create resistance to change and the learning itself. Not ensuring people's skills are modernised defeats the point. That said failing to make clear to a busy manager how modernising their practices adds value to their business can mean the learning fails to transfer into value.

Value of Learning Transfer (VoLT)

The intriguing angle on this learning is whether it helps in the adoption of technology. Whilst QA is not involved in the measurement of learning transfer in this case, it is an angle on the learning that has been discussed with the client. You would hope that modernising performance management would empower staff to engage with technology in more open ways. A sense of shared vulnerability would emerge.

Contact us if you wish to adopt more modern ways of working in your organisation. We will work with you to ensure ways of working are both modern and aligned to business needs.

*Please note this is a generic case study drawn from one or more client solutions, incorporating ongoing CI/CD to create a case that can be related to, and which avoids commercial confidentiality issues.

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