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How AWS training can help you to create a magnetic workplace in 2023

Learn how Amazon Web Services training can help create flexible ‘magnetic’ workplaces with a rewarding work/life balance, in order to develop and keep top tech talent.


With the accelerating development of digital technology, many businesses are facing new challenges when it comes to the recruitment and retention of key employees.

Employers must increasingly look at new ways to attract and keep staff based on new working practices and demonstrate ongoing and future investment in individual employees.

The talent crisis

Digital transformation is accelerating faster than ever. But there is a lack of qualified talent to take on new and developing roles. According to recent research, many younger people lack confidence in developing existing and new digital skills. Meanwhile, some employers believe in hiring based on previous experience and qualifications rather than talent and potential backed by technological advance.

As many as eight out of ten digital leaders report that staff retention has become more difficult since the pandemic, with four in ten tech firms admitting they can’t keep key people as long as they’d like. However, only a third of these decision makers have redesigned their employee offer to attract and engage staff.

A new focus on strategic hiring – which focuses less on education and background experience, and more on talent and the potential for diversity of thought – combined with a focus on delivering a truly magnetic workplace, will allow managers to properly future-proof their businesses.

How the magnetic workplace can help

Businesses can no longer sit back and ignore the human element when working towards long term sustainability and success. Combining new technology with a human-first focus underpins what is emerging as the ‘magnetic workplace’.

This new approach replaces traditional working spaces, practices, hours, and structures, with new ways of operating. The focus is on ensuring employees feel supported and fulfilled, while recruiting and retaining the best talent available.

A recent workplace survey shows that an employee-led balance between remote, home-working and the collaborative workspace, correlates with happier workers who feel a stronger sense of belonging, greater trust in the organisation, and higher engagement, which leads to fewer resignations.

The magnetic workplace, whether it’s a physical shared space, remote environments, or a combination of the two, provides excellent development opportunities as part of an attractive employment package.

What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services or AWS, became the world’s most popular cloud platform in the fourth quarter of 2022. One of the most complete and customisable solutions for small and large businesses, it gives users access to a huge range of resources, which can be scaled up or down within minutes and on a global scale.

From storing and analysing data to machine learning, the online software allows small businesses and large enterprises to innovate faster than ever before. However, truly agile companies don’t just sign up to the latest software services and hope for the best, they combine tech and talent to gain a truly competitive edge.

Upskilling your teams is a sure-fire way to get the most from AWS. Whether you’re building a truly bespoke database for your business or you’re looking to add AI services to speed up customer-facing processes, nothing guarantees maximising the platform’s potential like investing in training.

AWS and the magnetic workplace

By using AWS training, managers can create a culture of innovation, where upskilling, reskilling and continuous learning make a business more agile.

In a recent survey of more than 1000 AWS-trained professionals, 84% said it improved their on-the-job efficiency and 83% reported improved effectiveness. 85% saw an improvement in their operational skills and 90% reported a positive return on investment from enrolling in courses. 69% of respondents reported higher earnings, and 82% of learners reported increased job security. All figures were higher when AWS training led to certification.

In today’s challenging job market, offering training and development opportunities for in-demand AWS skills can change the face of recruitment, and working practices, allowing for the creation of a truly magnetic workplace. Upskilling through apprenticeships adds an extra layer of benefits. By using the Government’s Apprenticeship Levy businesses save on the costs of training while tapping into a diverse talent pool and offering opportunities for social mobility.

Employees can access flexible and autonomous opportunities, training which will put them ahead of the game, and an exciting and rewarding work/life balance in a dynamic workplace. This will give businesses the chance to acquire, develop, and keep top tech talent, and secure a cost-effective route to futureproof success.

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