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About this Product

This 40-minute digital learning seeks to promote understanding of data, and its value in customer insight and growth opportunities, as a critical skill for the future workforce.

What problem are we trying to solve?

QA have developed a unique curriculum alongside Caroline Carruthers (Author of the ‘The Chief Data Officer’s Playbook’) to help senior stakeholders understand how to deliver transformational value from their Data.

Data offers unprecedented opportunity to understand more about our customers and the digital world they operate in. Data is now a recognised business asset, and many businesses are still unsure of how to get the value from this asset.

In the data driven economy, every member of an organisation will need to understand and access data confidently. This digital learning programme ensures everyone in your organisation speaks the language of data.

To sample and arrange a demonstration:

The video below provides as quick sample of what to expect. To arrange a demo and discuss volume-based pricing for your organisation, please contact us, or speak to your QA Account Team.

What's Included


Learn from the UK's leading Data trainer

  • Unrivaled curriculum

    We offer a wide selection of courses for all levels of data experience.

  • Leading certifications

    We offer tracks to professional capabilities.

  • Tailored for business

    We offer courses for business leaders - as well as specialists.

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Detailed Information

  • Demystifying the language of Data and communicating its impact to the organisation
  • What is changing in Data and how will it effect me?
  • How emerging technologies are turning Big Data into a value generator
  • What is Data Driven Decision Making and how organisational culture delivers it
  • How to reframe business decisions as data questions
  • Your role in effective data ethics and governance
  • Considering commercial approaches to leverage data insights
  • The art of the possible in emerging data technologies such as Machine Learning, AI and RPA